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 May Murphy
May Murphy

Air-conditioning fans, steam fans, misting fans, etc. are cooling devices that are of great interest to many people. This is one of the solutions to help quickly lower the air temperature effectively on hot summer days without resorting to air conditioning. 

However, many people still do not really understand the line of air conditioning fans, steam fans and choose the best product. In this article, Review will help you have the necessary knowledge about the experience of buying air conditioning fans and steam fans. 

If compared with the cost of buying and installing an air conditioner, the air conditioner, steam fan are much cheaper. In addition, these devices are both flexible in space and energy efficient. So this is a pretty good option for cooling the air on hot days in terms of both economic and useful. 

Here are all the information, objective reviews and advice that VietReview shares with you about the product line of air conditioning fans, steam fans. Hopefully after this article you will answer the question: What type of air conditioner fan should be purchased? Is the steam cooling fan good?

What is an air conditioning fan?

1. Concept of air conditioning fan

Before buying any product, you need to learn about it to make sure that when you spend money will get on a useful product. It is one of the immutable principles for knowledgeable shoppers.

Air conditioner fan is understood as a steam cooling fan, which reduces the room temperature and purifies the air thanks to the operation of negative ions to give your family a cool and safe airflow. safe.

Air-conditioning fans are used to reduce the number of wall-mounted air conditioners at restaurants, hotels, or other places without air-conditioning, such as shops, kiosks, at level-4 houses and roof-top houses. . Or air-conditioning fans can also be used to replace air conditioners due to the cheaper cost and fast cooling.

2. Structure and operating principle of air-conditioning fan


Basically, the air conditioner fan is composed of 3 main parts as follows:

Cooling pads : these are very important parts of air-conditioning fans, they are mainly made of cellulose paper. The characteristic of this paper is water permeability, designed with many physical grooves. They create a very special honeycomb structure.

The use of cooling pads helps to filter odors, clean the air and disinfects thanks to the negative ions present in steam.

Water tank : for air cooling indispensable parts of the water tank. This tank provides enough water for the fan to operate continuously and effectively. Most air-conditioning fans have a large water tank, 15-20 liters of water and have clear lines so you can observe and add water when it is empty. The tank also has a drain valve for cleaning as well as draining water when the fan is not in use.

Fans and motors : This unit is responsible for drawing hot air from the environment, passing through the filter and blowing cold air to bring steam out.

In addition to the 3 main parts that make up the air conditioner fan, there are also some other parts such as: electrical circuit & remote controller, plastic cover, fan body, moving wheels ...

Principle of operation of air conditioning fans

Fan conditioner operates under the principle of natural evaporation of water. When the engine is running, hot air is drawn inwards, the cooling pad absorbs heat immediately.

This phenomenon causes the hot air to drop dramatically and to the lowest level. Thanks to that, it is possible to cool the surroundings.

Normally a fan can help the air drop from 10-12 degrees. Depending on the operating capacity of each model, each manufacturer may push the temperature down differently. The higher the capacity, the better the cooling function and the equivalent will consume more electricity.

From those characteristics and abilities, many people ask the question: Should air conditioning fans be purchased?

Following VietReview will evaluate the air conditioning fan to help you best:

3. Advantages - disadvantages of air conditioning fans


  • Humidity balance : The air conditioning fan has good absorption and cooling capacity, helping to balance the humidity as well as cool the air for a cool and comfortable feeling on hot, hot summer days.

  • Antibacterial and purifying air : thanks to the function of the shield and cooling plate are constructed in air conditioning fans to help them be able to effectively clean dust in the air.

  • Ensure health : the function of light cooling slowly helps keep the temperature not too much different from the outside environment. Therefore, the use of air conditioning fans can limit heat shock or some common diseases such as headache, dry skin, and joint pain.

  • Power saving : Compared with the ability to consume electricity of air-conditioners, air-conditioners have moderate capacity, cooling and taking multidimensional air, so it is much more economical.


Any product has its pros and cons to its users. And air conditioning fan is no exception. This product has the following disadvantages:

  • Bulky, occupies a lot of area: If compared with neat wall-mounted air conditioners, compact cooling fans, air-conditioners are quite large. Leaving this product in the room will occupy quite a lot of area.

  • Operating noise: Most air-conditioning fan products on the market have this drawback. When the activity is quite loud, if it is in a restaurant or entertainment venues, markets, supermarkets, it is okay, but if you need a quiet space, the noise of the air-conditioning fan will cause discomfort.

  • Increase humidity: air conditioning fan brings certain humidity when operating. If you do not know how to balance the usage time, as well as the use space with many wooden furniture or electronics, it will be affected.

What is a steam fan?

1. Steam fan concept

Steam fan is also an air-cooling device, the fan pushes moisture to the outside environment by a blower system. Humidity as well as low temperatures are pushed out to help lower the air temperature to relieve hot days for people to feel more comfortable. Steam fans are quite similar to misting fans in terms of function and principle of operation.

In recent years, many manufacturers have improved the structure and operation of the steam fan to make it more simple and compact.

2. Structure and working principle of steam fan


Normally, steam fans are composed of main parts including: fan, water pump, cooling pad, chassis, water distribution channel, ion.

Principle of operation of the steam fan

The water pump is supposed to circulate water from the reservoir along the path up to the cooling pads and moisten it

The fan unit draws hot air from the outside into the machine space and cools down suddenly and then pushes it through dampened paper films.

Thus the heat of the airflow will be attracted and evaporate the water, so when returning to the airflow it is filtered and becomes cool 

Size and engine systems are precisely sized to provide the right airflow with the right capacity to ensure the fastest cooling.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of steam fans

There are many questions from consumers about steam fan products and the main concern is whether to buy an air cooler? VietReview will give the pros and cons of this product to help you make the best choice.


  • Moisture balance : The steam cooling fan helps to cool the air and balance the moisture for the open space, dispel unpleasant hot weather. For regions with a dry, windy climate, using a steam fan is very appropriate to help increase the humidity for the air, not dry skin.

  • Air cooling : With a rapid cooling function, compared to common cooling devices on the market such as box fans, tree fans, wall fans, the steam fan helps the temperature to drop quickly, giving a cool feeling. batch.

  • Cheap price : First of all, compared to air conditioning, the steam fan is much cheaper. In addition, compared to two segments with the same function as air conditioning fans, misting fans, this product is still cheaper than a few hundred thousand to 1 million.

  • Save energy when using : With average power, steam fans do not consume too much power. This advantage is quite popular by many people because the product consumes a lot of electricity.

  • Compact, easy to move : Most steam fans have a quite compact design, so it does not occupy too much space in use. The move is also quite simple and light.


  • Because steam fans have the main function of creating moisture, in the long term, using steam fans will dampen mold in room items, especially wooden furniture, electronic devices can be damaged.

  • The cooling capacity of the steam fan is only for a short time, then the humidity in the air still increases but the temperature is not lowered, causing a mysterious and uncomfortable feeling.

  • Steam fan has only limited in that it only cooling effect in small space, about 20m2 back, because of the design of the small steam fan so the airflow is not covered and wide.

  • Absorbent thin films that are not carefully and regularly cleaned are very susceptible to contamination, moisture, and damage to user health.

Comparison of air conditioning fan and steam fan

Air-conditioning fans and steam fans are both useful air coolers on hot summer days. Because of the similar characteristics and functions, these two products are confused by many.

Even many people mistakenly come to the whole family of steam misting fans and steam fans. So Review will analyze the different characteristics so you can choose an air-conditioning fan or steam conditioner to suit your needs.

About steam fan

As mentioned above about each feature, function and advantages and disadvantages of each type. Perhaps you also partly understand the main points of air conditioning fans, steam fans. Only because they have the same purpose and have many similarities makes it very difficult to distinguish in the market.

Functionally, the steam fan is rated for more multitasking. Because of its structure to bring moisture into the space, many products on the market have two-dimensional features that can be used in both cold and hot seasons. In the winter, users can use the afternoon to increase the temperature in the air, while in the summer, the afternoon is used to provide moisture to help quickly soothe the air.

In addition, air conditioners with steam fans are cheaper. This is a product of a cheap fan on the market and many people can shop for the family. Using a steam fan also consumes less power so it does not cause expensive. The design is also more compact than air-conditioning fans so it doesn't take up space and is easy to move.

However, because of this feature that brings steam to the air, if the steam fan is used for a long time, not knowing the proper time control will make it have 2 limitations as follows:

  • Firstly , when the weather is too hot and humid, the fan generates the steam initially and then the humidity gradually increases.

  • Secondly , used in a closed room, increased humidity will easily damage many appliances in the house.

About air conditioning fan, also known as air conditioner fan

Air conditioning fans are rated better than steam fans for their quick and spacious cooling. The temperature at the air outlet can be reduced to 8 - 9 degrees Celsius, the normal temperature is about 10 - 12 degrees C. Because of the larger design, the ability to cool the air for larger rooms of about 20m2 is still implemented. good while the steam fan is only at 20m2 again.

On fan power consumption of air conditioners also have the equivalent of misting fan and a lot less expensive compared to the trees conditioning or wall air conditioning.

The cost of repairing and maintaining this device is also quite cheap. Especially, air conditioning fans do not need to change or recharge gas regularly and regularly.

First, repair and maintenance costs are relatively cheap, especially users absolutely do not need to pay gas charges. Finally, the product is quite durable and safe for users.

We compare the two product lines through the following analysis table:

Comparative criteria

Steam fan

Steam fan

Cooling range

Under 12 m2

Above 20 m2

Reduce the temperature compared to normal

From 3 to 5 o C

From 4 to 15 o C

Affect electronics

May affect (due to moisture)

Do not affect


From 2.5 to 3.10 usd

From 2.7 to 5.150 usd

Mosquito repellent

Is not

Not much

Create negative ions to clean the air

Yes (some models)

Yes (some models)

Generate bactericidal ozone

Is not


Humidify the air


Is not

If your family has a small space of about 12-15m2, the weather in the region with dry air, often having the "Lao wind" weather, you can choose to buy a steam fan to cool down and balance the humidity. Comfortable and cool living environment.

If you want to shop for larger spaces of 20m2 or more to cool the air in many different environments such as families, restaurants, hotels, shops, you can choose to buy air conditioning fans.

Each product has its own advantages and limitations. Depending on the characteristics, purpose of use, object of use, space of use, you can choose an appropriate product.

Air conditioning fan prices and steam fan prices are also relatively soft, so it is not difficult to choose a satisfactory product.

Air conditioning fan, steam fan is good for health? Should I buy it?

Before buying to buy air coolers such as fan conditioners, steam fans, many consumers were concerned about health issues when using this product. Because this is a product line with quite different characteristics compared to conventional fans.

As analyzed above, both product lines have many advantages but also many limitations. So will VietReview clearly analyze whether this product line is good for health or not? Should I buy it?

Searching through many forums, on social networks, many people who have used this product have different assessments on health effects. There is an opinion that: " no matter what, hot water sprayed out is evaporated ", some people said that "In hot weather, dry air like that without using air conditioning, then even a steam fan would love it. But you must note that if the house uses a lot of industrial wood furniture, they are quite harmful. And must regularly clean the flask and water pipes. If you are not careful, it will become a great bacterial dispenser. And in hot conditions, it is generally not good for steam fan of children where the respiratory system " .

In terms of objectivity, both product lines bring a cool environment, cool down the hot summer days, helping people have a more comfortable, easier life. In this life, the use of modern technology equipment to improve the quality of life is a very necessary thing. And it is important that you have the knowledge to use the product properly and safely.

Therefore, Review introduces the negative effects of this product line to help consumers know the negative aspects to take measures to prevent and use properly, to avoid excessive abuse.

If you do not know how to use properly, air conditioning fans and steam fans can cause health consequences for users.

Because coolers can reduce the air in a room very quickly, but because they use a steam cooling system, when the fan is working, the humidity in the air will increase, creating conditions for mold. , bacteria, germs harmful to health and development.

This is the cause of respiratory diseases, allergies, skin diseases ... Besides, due to the membrane permeation of cold fans made of cloth, the fan cage is always wet to create conditions for bacteria and mold. propagate, spread along the wind, causing disease to the user.

Therefore, to protect the health when buying steam fans, ice fans, consumers need to choose reputable brands. When using, to avoid mold and bacterial pathogens develop, in the beginning, it is best to buy a fan without water for 1-2 hours, then add water or ice.

Before each use, check the water level in the tank, do not put too much or too little because too full water can cause water in the jar, creating conditions for bacteria to grow.

In addition, consumers need to regularly change the water and periodically clean dust screens, waterproof screens, water containers, to operate the fan in a large and open space, should not use direct steam fan. on young people and near other objects because of the moisture that may cling to and cause damage to objects. To avoid spilling water causing electric shock, do not move the fan while the fan is running.

Experience of choosing a good air conditioner, air fan is good and suitable

1. The criteria to choose the best type of air conditioning fan

How much capacity?

The capacity of each cooler will determine the speed of air conditioning. Normally air conditioning fans, steam fans have a common capacity of 50 - 150 W. With this capacity, the energy consumption of each product is not too much, so you are completely assured about the cost when using. use.

Should choose the correct capacity to buy products suitable for the area of use of the rooms. Avoid buying products with a large capacity and the room is very small or vice versa causing waste and not cool enough.

Water tank capacity

Understanding the capacity of the water tank will help you not to change water often when using. Normally, air conditioning fans are larger than steam fans. And this product line has a storage capacity ranging from 7 - 30 liters. Choose the models that display the water level of the tank to control the water volume of the fan, convenient for adding more water when it is about to run out.


The control panel is quite important for users, especially the elderly, who do not have good foreign language capital. For these subjects should choose the type of fan control panel in Americanese easy to see, easy to operate.

Also choose a fan with a clear control panel, durable design because this is the center to regulate the operation of the machine. If it fails, short-circuit repair is expensive and time-consuming. 

The utilities are included

Most types of air cooling fans on the market are equipped with many modern technology manufacturers. Therefore, when choosing to buy, you may also be interested in some other additional features as follows:

  • Ion generation function : The additional feature of the air conditioner fan that is popular with consumers is that besides providing a cool breeze, it also creates an ion to help clean the air in the room, providing a clean air. This is an essential function if you have elderly family, pregnant women and young children.

  • Wind levels : Some common wind modes on air-conditioning fans, such as natural wind mode with alternating airflow in rhythm, sometimes strong and weak; Normal wind mode with a steady pace does not rotate in rhythm; Sleep mode will blow out a gentle breeze to help you relax to sleep more.

  • Remote control : This feature is quite necessary to flexibly adjust the operation of the machine when you are sitting, lying in bed so that you do not need to move many times. Most products from conventional fans to steam air conditioners provide remote control. So this function is obvious already.

  • Dry ice : There are some models of air conditioning fans with dry ice function when you buy a fan. This is a reusable chemical stone. When you want to cool, put them in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, then put in the water tank of the fan, dry ice will cool the water to help the steam radiate more cool.

What is the warranty?

Usually the household electrical product line has a warranty from 1 to 5 years. So choose air conditioning fans, steam fans you should choose products of any brand with a warranty of at least 1 year or more. Do not choose products that are only warranted for 6-9 months.

Also pay attention to the manufacturer's warranty when the product has a problem. Look carefully whether it is a home warranty or a central warranty, if the warranty at the service center should check whether the centers are near your address or not. Warranty support system and advice like. All of these things give you peace of mind when buying a certain product.

2. Choose brand air conditioning fan, steam fan brand?

Should choose to buy products of any brand is probably always a big concern when looking to buy a good product. On the market today there are many brands of air conditioning fans, steam air cooling fans such as Sunhouse, Saiko, Kangaroo, Daikio, Sumika, Nakami, Sanyo. These are all considered as the big men of Americanese household village and occupy the market for a long time.

Air-conditioning fan, Sunhouse steam fan

Sunhouse Group is known as the leader of American's household industry. Since its establishment in 2000, Sunhouse has affirmed its name and position in the Americanese market and reached out to the world. Sunhouse offers a variety of products such as household goods, electrical appliances, kitchen appliances, water filters, lighting equipment ...

With a network of 50,000 points of sale, production and business of more than 450 groups of essential household products, Sunhouse products have been present in all supermarkets, shopping centers, traditional stores in 63 provinces and cities. country.

Sunhouse air cooler is one of the group's product lines that is highly appreciated by the market, causing great resonance thanks to that the consumption of this product line is quite good not only in American market but also in the market. to foreign markets such as Laos, Egypt, Turkey, Hong Kong ...

Sunhouse air cooler is in the cheap segment in the market so many people prefer it. This year, Sunhouse launched a lot of air-cooled models only about 100-200 USD units which are very popular with consumers.

Air-conditioning fan, Saiko steam fan

Saiko is a famous Japanese household brand. Saiko products are widely used in Japan and Southeast Asian countries. Entering American market since 2000, Saiko brand has gradually won consumers' confidence thanks to its stable quality and simple but highly useful system of household products.

Among them, Saiko air-conditioners and steam fans have just appeared on the market but have won the hearts of consumers. However, compared to the big players in the cooling system such as Sunhouse, Kangaroo, Saiko is still making slow and firm steps.

"Rookie" Saiko has air conditioning fan, steam fan design is very diverse and beautiful. The segment for this product line also has many categories for customers to choose from cheap to mid-range and high-end types. The product quality of Saiko coolers has also been verified and is a brand trusted by many. Product prices are also generally very competitive in the market.

Air conditioning fan, IRUKA steam fan

Iruka is one of the famous brands from Japan specializing in manufacturing household products. Japan is famous for its technology and is one of the most highly industrialized countries in the world that everyone recognizes. Iruka products are also appreciated for their convenience, safety and ease of use.

The plus point for this brand in recent times, Iruka's warranty system has been available nationwide, helping consumers to feel secure when using Iruka products.

Products of Iruka air conditioners are very diverse in models and are widely used in families, restaurants, hotels and businesses. Each IRUKA cooler product is in a separate point, for example: Iruka I-87 cooler: if using the function of adjusting the humidity and reducing the Ion Nic temperature at the same time, the machine will emit a clean airflow and accumulate with oxygen in the cooling area. Iruka-85 steam fan: reversible wind mode is extremely flexible along with natural wind mode. Iruka I-99 cooler: convenient with remote control and touch screen display on the machine

Air-conditioning fan, Kangaroo steam fan

Established in 2003, after more than 10 years of operation and development, Kangaroo has achieved solid progress and affirmed its position in the domestic market as well as developing products to neighboring countries. Constantly growing, Kangaroo increasingly expanded and diversified products with more than 400 models of refrigeration and household appliances such as meat grinders, blender, food ozone removal, steam fan ... Kangaroo's products are manufactured using the most advanced technology today, luxurious, compact, easy to use, maximum power saving, environmentally friendly, suitable for climate in American.

Kangaroo has two product lines for air cooling, the Kangaroo air cooler and the Kangaroo steam fan. Steam fans usually have lower capacity than air coolers but also have many advantages. One of the highlights of the Kangaroo misting fan compared to conventional fans is that the fan does not heat even if you use the fan continuously for many hours.

In addition, Kangaroo fans also have many additional features that help maximize the room cooling ability such as turning and wide rotation function. Ion generating function, air filtration. With this feature, your room will become more airy, cleaner and cleaner. Besides, models like KG50, KG50S or KG57S also have mosquito repellent features.

Evaluate the type of air conditioning fans, steam fans on the market

With the hot and hot weather of summer, air conditioning is the optimal solution. However, many families do not allow economic conditions, cooling is not a good choice to help reduce the heat load to make life more comfortable.

Choosing the right brand need to see how much the air conditioner fan price? Is cheap fan quality?

Review will evaluate the prices of air conditioning fans, steam fans on the market to help you have the most overview to estimate the cost when buying this cooling device.

Compared to a tree or wall-mounted air conditioner, an air cooler is much cheaper. Only with the price range of 100 - 250 USD, you can buy the best air conditioner with air conditioner, many functions for yourself and your family. Depending on the space that needs cooling, you choose the right fan. Most air-conditioning fans for household use should only choose the type of moderate drain, accompanied by weight as well as compact size. Prices of air-conditioning fans, steam fans on the market such as Sunhouse air-conditioner fans are around 100 - 200 USD, Kangaroo air conditioners cost from 150 - 300 USD ...

However, for many high-end models or large capacity of famous brands, the price is higher but the difference will be around 250 - 500 USD. These products are often used for large halls, restaurants, shops or hotels.

Most of these models also have large volumes of water and can be used for many days without adding water to the fans. In addition, these high-end models also offer more features than mid-range models such as Ion filtering or up to 20 hours of cooling time.

  • If you have about 2-150 usd, you should choose the type of air conditioning fan, steam fan with a small capacity of 40W-80W of some prestigious brands such as Media Air Conditioning Fan, Daikio Air Conditioning Fan, Honeywell Air Conditioning Fan. , Apechome, Saiko or Masterkoo

  • If you have 150 - 250 $ can choose a variety of common air conditioning fans with many integrated functions such as Sunhouse air conditioning fan, air conditioning fan, Kangaroo steam fan, Panasonic air conditioner fan ...

  • If you have 250 - 500 USD can choose the models of large capacity, larger size and more advanced from brands such as Sunhouse, Electrolux

Prices of the same model will also vary at different selling points. For example, choosing to buy a green conditioner will have a different price in other supermarkets. So after choosing a reputable brand, moel is suitable for space, you should choose the best price point of purchase with good after-sales modes.

Top Picks Products

  1. Shinco Shinco SPF2-08C 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner,Dehumidifier Fan Functions,Rooms up to 200-350 sq.ft, Remote Control, LED Display, White
    Shinco SPF2-08C 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner,Dehumidifier Fan Functions,Rooms up to 200-350 sq.ft, Remote Control, LED Display, White
    Shinco SPF2-08C 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner,Dehumidifier Fan Functions,Rooms up to 200-350 sq.ft, Remote Control, LED Display, White
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    Product Highlights
    • KEEP COOL- Compact 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Unit Delivers Fast, Effective Cooling for Spaces Up to 200 - 350 Sq.Ft in Home, Office, Cabin or Camper. When the room is cool enough, switch to the first speed level,this air conditioner will become quiet(Noise 52dB), enough to maintain the temperature while you are sleeping.
    • MULTI-FUNCTION MODES- 3 functions in one machine. Air conditioner cools your room quickly; 2-speed fan satisfies your needs. With 60 pint dehumidifying capacity per day, the dehumidifier function is a quick fix for stopping the growing of bacteria and mold in hot and humid environment, keep your room cool and dry!
    • SELF EVAPORATIVE SYSTEM- The portable ac is built with self-evaporative cooling technology that cools the condenser coils with water from the air. This not only increases cooling efficiency, it also reduces the water that collects in the tank, so you won't have to empty it as often.(R410a refrigerant)
    • EASY TO USE- LED display and simple selections control panel,full-featured remote, 24-hr timer, plus a quiet 52dB output on Low speed mode for disturbance-free nights.Four castors wheels make it easy to move from place to place, You can place it on bedroom, study, living room, kitchen, small office, RV, party and etc.
    • QUICK INSTALLATION- An exhaust hose and window kit is included, and no extra tools are needed for assembly. Installation instructions are simple, and can be done by anyone in 5-10 minutes. For any questions, please contact Shinco support at [email protected]. We will respond within 24 hours.
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    Vshow Portable Air Conditioner Mini Fan Evaporative Cooler Air Humidifier Misting Personal Air Conditioner Fan for Bedroom Office
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    TRUSTECH Oscillating Fan, Tower Fan with Remote Control, Quiet Fan, Bladeless Whole-Room Cooling House Floor Pedestal Fan w/ 3 Mode 3 Speed & 7.5H Timer, Low Noise Air Circulator Standing Fan
    TRUSTECH Oscillating Fan, Tower Fan with Remote Control, Quiet Fan, Bladeless Whole-Room Cooling House Floor Pedestal Fan w/ 3 Mode 3 Speed & 7.5H Timer, Low Noise Air Circulator Standing Fan
    More Info
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    Product Highlights
    • Powerful but Quiet Bladeless Fan Provide gentle, ambient noise while keeping your home cool. With bladeless high-velocity turbine airflow technology, the oscillating fan can blow powerful wind under 52 dB. The "sleep mode" is much quieter that you can even hear nothing. Sweet dream every night in this summer.
    • Widely Cooling Cool the whole room with this bladeless quiet fan that features 3.6ft body height, 16.4ft blowing distance & 70 oscillation. It is also ideal for air circlation to balance the room temperature & reach energy efficiency. And the included remote controller lets you operate the tower fan without moving.
    • Gentle,Comfortable & Healthy Close your eye, the gentle & soft wind will make you feel like in the forest. With bladeless & grid cutting design, the wind was cut into multiple bunches & feel like gentle natural wind. Unlike the blade tower fan which blowed choppy air & made it easy to get a cold, this bladeless floor fan is perfect for kids, olders & all the susceptible population.
    • Intelligent customization w/ 3 Working Mode, 3 Speed, 7.5H Timer Multiple setting for different room & different need. Normal mode for usual living space; Natural mode for Imitating the natural wind & interactively blowing different wind; Sleep mode for ultra quiet gentle wind.
    • Slim & Modern Design With sophisticated and stylish space-saving design, this oscillating fan complements and enhances room decor. The slender design frees up more space than traditional heaters physically and visually. You can easily to place it anywhere.
  7. Seville Classics Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40 in. Oscillating Tower Fan, Black
    Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40 in. Oscillating Tower Fan, Black
    Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40 in. Oscillating Tower Fan, Black
    Seville Classics
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  8. Lasko Lasko T42954 Wind Curve Portable Electric Oscillating Stand Up Tower Fan with Remote Control for Indoor, Bedroom and Home Office Use, Woodgrain, 13x13x42.5 Grey
    Lasko T42954 Wind Curve Portable Electric Oscillating Stand Up Tower Fan with Remote Control for Indoor, Bedroom and Home Office Use, Woodgrain, 13x13x42.5 Grey
    Lasko T42954 Wind Curve Portable Electric Oscillating Stand Up Tower Fan with Remote Control for Indoor, Bedroom and Home Office Use, Woodgrain, 13x13x42.5 Grey
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  9. Lasko Lasko Remote Control Bladeless Tower Fan, AC615
    Lasko Remote Control Bladeless Tower Fan, AC615
    Lasko Remote Control Bladeless Tower Fan, AC615
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    Product Highlights
    • BEAT THE HEAT - Powered by 4 quiet speeds and patented blower technology, this fan produces 30% more air flow than traditional tower fans. If you live in the heat with no central air, and window AC units do a poor job of moving air around your whole house or apartment, this fan creates excellent air flow to help cool you down.
    • SAFE FOR LITTLE FINGERS - Bladeless technology means no spinning blades making it ideal for households with young kids. Comes with optional oscillation and auto shut off programmable 8-hr timer. The remote is the best when you don't feel like getting up to change the settings.
    • PERFECT FOR SLEEPING - Circulates the warm & stuffy air so you can get some rest. Creates just the right amount of white noise at bedside for sleeping. Nighttime Setting automatically dims the control display and sets the fan on #4 for an hour, then #3 for an hour, then #2 for an hour and then stays on #1 until you interact with the fan again.
    • A REAL SPACE SAVER - Comes fully assembled. Standing 37" tall with a small 9" x 12" footprint, the sleek, vertical design optimizes floor space letting you to put the fan in spots where pedestal & box fans won't fit, without sacrificing air circulation, comfort or style. Ideal for the bedroom, kitchen, living room, RV and camper.
    • TRUSTED FOR GENERATIONS - Lasko has been making quality products for over 100 years. Lasko fans are ETL Listed, come with our patented Blue Plug safety fuse technology, and are backed by a 1-yr limited , making them a great choice for a cooling /li>
  10. Spantron Spantron Portable Air Conditioner Fan - Best 5-in-1 Personal Home & Office Desk Swamp Cooler, Mist Diffuser, Humidifier with LED Light and UV Purifier | USB Plug & 2 Hour Rechargeable Battery
    Spantron Portable Air Conditioner Fan - Best 5-in-1 Personal Home & Office Desk Swamp Cooler, Mist Diffuser, Humidifier with LED Light and UV Purifier | USB Plug & 2 Hour Rechargeable Battery
    Spantron Portable Air Conditioner Fan - Best 5-in-1 Personal Home & Office Desk Swamp Cooler, Mist Diffuser, Humidifier with LED Light and UV Purifier | USB Plug & 2 Hour Rechargeable Battery
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    Product Highlights
    • SWAMP COOLER EVAPORATIVE AC: The Spantron mini unit works like a swamp cooling system. There is a reservoir of water that will fill the bed of the box with room for a filter to absorb the water. It has a vent on the back on front to allow air flow under the purifier. The strong fan pushes air through and arctic air can be angled toward your personal space.
    • NOTICE: ONLY PURCHASE FROM SPANTRON. SOME COUNTERFEIT SELLERS HAVE LISTED THIS ITEM. SPANTRON CAN'T GUARANTEE AUTHENTICITY OR SHIPPING UNLESS PURCHASED FROM THE SPANTRON STORE.-------- CORD AND BATTERY POWERED: Compact and cordless. The best mobile small space coolers on the market. Travel with these conditioners anywhere and stay cool for hours without an outlet. Cold Conditioning on the go is like a window placed on your table, a /li>
    • LED MOOD LIGHTS: With 6 different light settings, you can put this clean, white conditioner in any room and match the color to any setting. It can be used in a bedroom, on a desktop, in the kitchen, on a nightstand or on tables, while sleeping, the whole house indoors or outdoors. Easy to use and effective at helping small spaces feel comfortable.
    • STRONGER FANS: Spantron's 2 speed quiet, powerful motors chill any person sitting or standing in front. The fan can blast stronger than competition, the water tank is bigger, which allows the filter to carry more water. The power efficient fan improves the diffuser misting and becomes an essential oils circulator, which is much better than traditional misters.
    • STERILIZER UV LIGHT: Mold can grow where water is. While we can't guarantee our products won't grow mold (unless user empties water and dries filter after each use), we pack two UV lights inside the cover making the air and filter cleaner while in use. Sleep easy at night knowing your air is safe. May not work as well in humid environments or outdoor.

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