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  1. Product Highlights
    • 24 HOUR LONG PLAYTIME: With built-in advanced, energy efficient 5200A Lithium battery, enjoy up to 24-hours of uninterrupted playtime. Charge the speakers for at least two hours before the first use. Use the power cable that comes with this Bluetooth wireless speaker for charging. The built-in micro USB port is specifically for charging. This USB port does not support any media devices.
    • INCREDIBLE RANGE: The advanced Bluetooth ensures instant pairing. A strong connection is maintained for best sound quality, bass, and volume within the appropriate 8m range. Pair two speakers to work as left and right for a better voice quality.
    • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Superior Sound Quality Tradebone Bluetooth speaker comes with built-in dual 20W loudspeakers to produce high-quality stereo sound. The buddy pairing system allows for true wireless stereo left-right sound. With built-in fine-tuned DSP (digital signal processor), it provides a better sound experience with very little harmonic distortion and remarkable sound clarity.
    • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: The advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology provides high-end Bluetooth transmission and higher audio fidelity with decreased and efficient power consumption. It supports almost all Bluetooth devices as well as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This device also supports NFC and AUX mode along with Siri and S-Voice.
    • BUILT-IN MIC: Tradebone portable wireless phone speaker comes with built-in phone function and microphone. This allows you to receive and reject incoming calls. You can also activate Siri or S-Voice via Bluetooth by pressing the phone button.
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Best bluetooth speakers today

Best bluetooth speakers today

Melissa Terry

Music is an indispensable spice in life. Music inspires inspiration in every person. It is thanks to those sounds that we give each other the best feelings. And the most popular audio player is the Bluetooth speaker . A quality speaker will bring you the most uplifting and wonderful moments. So which speaker is the best? Please refer to these experiences of yourself to own a quality product.

What is a Bluetooth speaker?

This is an audio amplifier and is capable of connecting with many different electronic devices. Specifically: Smart phones, laptops, tablets ... without any lines. In particular, can operate by mobile battery, allowing users to bring the location you want.

Why should you use Bluetooth speakers?

Why should you use portable speakers?

Why should you use portable speakers?

You often have the habit of listening to music, owning a speaker is very reasonable. However, if you want a lightweight product, do not use wires and easy to use. Of course the bluetooth speaker would really be the appropriate choice. There are many reasons for you to choose this product.

1. Convenient to use

If the conventional speaker is large in size as well as cumbersome cables, occupy a lot of area in your house. In contrast, Bluetooth speakers are extremely compact and convenient, you can listen to music by connecting to electronic devices. You can listen to music while cooking, while working ... without having to rely on complex power. Also, with small size, you can place them everywhere.

2. High mobility

Play music outdoors

Play music outdoors

This device can be used without the need for a power cord or connection cord. Especially when the speaker is small in size and extremely light weight. On the other hand, the product is also equipped with a strap to bring convenience to the user. You can listen to music anytime you want.

3. Power saving

Speakers often have a very high capacity but operate again thanks to electricity. Therefore, you will have to pay quite a lot for the electricity bill. In contrast, Bluetooth speakers consume less power, with just one charge the product can operate throughout a long day.

4. Has a more diverse price than conventional speakers

Although the product is equipped with many modern features, the range of portable speakers is much more diverse, even cheaper than other types of speakers. Usually the product will range from a few hundred to several million. In my opinion, this is a quite suitable price for you to own. Besides, conventional speakers will cost a few million but feature very little.

5. Wireless connectivity

With just one connection, you and your friends will be immersed in the vibrant music world. Moreover, the product also brings aesthetics to the music space. At the same time, help you avoid the case of audio errors due to plug or jack problems.

The experience of buying Bluetooth speakers

Criteria to choose to buy Bluetooth speakers

Criteria to choose to buy Bluetooth speakers

Currently on the market appear many designs, models of different Bluetooth speakers. In general, these products have quite similar design and function. However, how to choose the best speaker is not easy. With many experiences in choosing speakers, I would like to share some small suggestions:

1. Choose sound quality

A speaker is considered to have standard and quality sound when the product is fully equipped with bass and treble. In particular, the sound will not crack or be shy when you use at the maximum volume. To find out if the product meets your criteria, you should try it at the store first!

2. Select the speaker according to travel needs

Choosing sound quality is not necessarily done. Next you need to choose the speakers according to your moving needs. Once you've identified this good element, buying your speaker will be a lot easier. At this time, you not only do not waste time but also save significant costs.

Less moving

If your demand for speakers just stops at normal entertainment levels, you shouldn't buy yourself too expensive ones.

Therefore, when buying speakers to display and listen to conventional music. You should choose products that are well proportioned to the space and fit into the architectural styles of the room. At the same time, you should only buy mid-range speakers. This will not only save you money, but also meet your needs.

At the same time, for large spaces, you should prioritize the loudspeaker line with long-lasting and durable. Thus, can best meet your user needs.

Constantly on the move

Particularly for music fans who often use speakers for long trips, it is advisable to choose compact sized products. These products will make it easier for you to carry them around. Not only is it not heavy, it's easy to start playing.

3. Select connectivity

Select connectivity

Select connectivity

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, what you need to pay special attention to is connectivity. This is the soul of this speaker. This feature allows users to play music and enjoy music through linking with mobile devices. This makes a difference compared to conventional speakers.

Currently, portable speakers have given themselves new steps. Most products are connected with bluetooth 4.0 technology and above. Depending on the different connection technology, the compatibility and the sensor are also very different. Therefore, when buying speakers, you need to pay attention to the connectivity that best suits.

4. Select speakers according to your music preferences

When choosing to buy speakers, do not forget the factor of interest. Depending on your music taste, you can choose the best speakers. To give you a better idea, I will share with you how to choose speakers according to the following music taste:

Exciting music

If you are a fan of the fun and exciting songs. Surely you need a loudspeaker with loud sound, loud bass, resonance and strength. In particular, drivers must be thicker to reduce latency and distortion in the fast tempo. When the sound is at its highest, there will be no glare and buzz.

Lyrical music

Particularly for lyrical music and bolero or the music with warm and gentle rhythm, you should choose the type of speaker with sweet, soft sound. In particular, m bass will not need large but must meet certain depth. m medium and high must be clear, separated to express the feelings that artists convey in each lyrics of this music

5. Choose a design template

Choose a design template

Choose a design template

Features of this portable speaker series are usually compact, easy to hold and do not take up too much space when carrying. In my opinion, choosing the right speaker design not only brings attraction but also expresses your own personality.

So, please choose the model of speaker that you like best. Using the products you love will make you feel happier and more comfortable. However, you also consider choosing products with the right capacity.

6. Select Battery life

Battery life is also an issue that you need to keep in mind when buying speakers. Often bluetooth speakers will be one of the ideal choices for everyone when traveling or picnicking. Therefore, they need a sufficient battery capacity to be able to best meet this need.

Instructions on how to use the Bluetooth speaker

Instructions on how to use the Bluetooth speaker

Instructions on how to use the Bluetooth speaker

Using Bluetooth speakers is quite simple, but not everyone knows this. Therefore, the following I will show you how to use the simplest speaker

Step 1: First, you need to turn on the device's power by turning the ON button. Depending on the design, the position of the switches is also different. When the power indicator is on, your speaker is up and ready to play. Besides, some speakers will make a sound to indicate that you have successfully turned on the speaker.

Step 2: To be able to connect the speaker to a smart device. You just need to press the Bluetooth key. Similar to the power key, the position of the Bluetooth key differs for different devices. In fact, there are some speakers that integrate both the power button and bluetooth.

Step 3: Next, you connect the bluetooth speaker to the smart device, then perform the search and click on the correct name of your bluetooth speaker to be able to connect.

Step 4: Once you have connected successfully, you can play your favorite tunes by selecting on your mobile device.

Step 5: Lastly, to avoid wasting battery and increasing the life of the speaker, please remember to disconnect when using with the power button. Besides, there are speakers that automatically turn off if you have turned off the connection mode on your phone, laptop, tablet , ...

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