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Best gaming controllers 2022

Best gaming controllers 2022

Elsie Butler

If you are a game lover, of course, it is impossible to lack a gaming controller . A quality machine will give you the best experience. However, in reality not everyone knows how to choose a quality product. As a professional gamer, I often choose to buy quality controllers. Therefore, I will reveal to you some of the best product lines.

What is a gaming controller?

The controller is also known as the controller. This is a peripheral device connected to a game console or computer so that the user can control the characters in the game. To put it more easily, this is a device for you to control the activities in the game.

Why should you use a gaming controller?

Why should you use a gaming controller?

Why should you use a gaming controller?

After a tiring day of work and study, using a gaming machine will keep you entertained and reduce stress. However, if using a computer or phone makes you feel tired and tired. Gaming controllers will remedy this.

With sharp buttons and integrated audio feature gives you a new experience. Besides, with compact design, you can easily move and hold. In particular, for racing games, flying aircraft or some third-angle games, use the handle for a more enjoyable experience, the control is also more accurate. What's great is the feeling of sitting on a soft sofa, playing top-notch games with just the gaming handle. This promises to be a product you cannot ignore.

Classification of gaming controllers

1. Special controller for gaming machines

This device has been around for a long time and has evolved over several stages. From 4-button game consoles to Playstation and Nintendo consoles, these controllers are designed specifically for game consoles. 

2. Handle gaming on PC, Laptop

This type of handle is used to connect on a computer or laptop. The product overcomes the disadvantages of using a mouse and keyboard. This type of handle is usually suitable for games like PES, Fifa Online. These handles will usually be able to plug directly into the device. However, for high-end products, you must install the Driver disk.

3. Game controller for phones (Mobile)

Products also known as GamePad. Thanks to this device, you can turn a smartphone into a gaming machine through Bluetooth connectivity.

4. Game steering wheel

This is a device that you can take on the characters' characters. Therefore, they are often used in many types of high-speed racing games. However, the price of the product is quite high.

Reveal the gaming gaming experience

Experience buying game consoles

Experience buying game consoles

1. Choose the right design

When choosing a controller for gaming, you should choose models with a compact and ergonomic design for easy handling. In particular, you should give priority to the handle is equipped with the grain to not slippery when used by our sweat.

In particular, the 2 handles on the right hand feel smooth. Devices with 2 rubber-covered handles will be the perfect choice. In addition, you should also choose rubber buttons to create a sense of smoothness and longevity.

2. Select the appropriate connection feature

Currently, there are 2 handsets on the market that support connection via Bluetooth and wired connection via USB. With many years of experience in choosing your computer, wireless devices will bring you the most convenience.

In the process of selecting this controller model, you need to pay attention to battery capacity. Most of the handle series usually use Lithium batteries with a capacity of about 800-2000mAh. This is also the right choice for gamers.

3. Compatibility when connecting

In order for the connection to take place smoothly to have compatibility, avoid the need to exchange equipment. You should look for a line of dedicated controllers dedicated to your device. If you want to play games on your computer, you should choose the right handle for this device.

4. Select products according to economic conditions

Select products according to economic conditions

Select products according to economic conditions

The controller for gaming is divided into many different segments, specifically with the following 3 segments:

Handles below 15 USD

For those of you who use phones and want to buy cheap gaming controllers, this is the right choice. They are designed with wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and built-in heatsink.

Handles from 15 to 40 USD

These are mid-range products, these types of handles are capable of supporting on both computers and mobile phones. If you use the handle for entertainment purposes, you should choose the products in this segment are appropriate.

Handles high-end segment over 40 USD

With this segment, these controllers are compatible with all peripherals. From computers to phones and TVs Box, Microsoft or Nintendo can connect. These products are often chosen by gamers.

5. Check the sensitivity and button layout

The sensitivity and elasticity of the button will determine the quick operation of the product. With some lines, you should pay attention to the vibration function to make sure the gaming controller is sensitive at all times. With the bluetooth controller, check the ability to recognize the USB port when plugged into the machine is good or not.

6. Select products with good warranty

A handle does not have to be too low. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the warranty to ensure your rights. For high-end devices, you should consult the warranty policy from 12 months to 3 years.

7. Select a reputable supplier

A reputable unit will provide you with a quality product. Therefore, you should search for a reputable address with experience in distributing handles. In addition, please refer to the customer reviews about the supplier to give yourself the appropriate choice.

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