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  1. Product Highlights
    • Endurable Battery LifetimeFor extending the battery life of wireless mode, UtechSmart Venus Pro Wireless RGB MMO gaming mouse has special auto sleeping mode and low power consumption mode. Large battery (1000mA) capacity which offers to recharge over 300 times and single 2 hours fully charge. The wireless mode lasts up to 70 hours that satisfy your long-time gaming experience. Moreover, UtechSmart actuation software provides battery specify consumption monitoring for you.
    • Customizable Mouse High Precision Optical SensorThousands of customers and professional gamers have tested and verified its function. Venus Pro has an UtechSmart custom PixArt PMW3335 ultra-accurate Optical sensor. Up to 16000 DPI with 5 DPI switchable stages and 1000 Hz polling rate that offers you an incomparable MMO and FPS gaming experience. The huge adjustable DPI range from 100-16000 comes with UtechSmart user-friendly software that can perfectly tweak the performance of mouse accuracy.
    • Dual Modes with Ultra-Speed Wireless TechnologyUtechSmart VENUS Pro RGB Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse is a new revolution of RGB MMO gaming mouse which provides professional-level performance with 2 4 GHz data transmission technology with Mini signal receiver(Nano) and stable 1.5m wire transmission. VENUS Pro overcomes the traditional limitation of wireless latency and connectivity which offers stable and fast data transmission with 10-meter reception boundary. You can take this mouse anywhere!
    • Ergonomic Design Ensures Your ComfortableThe UtechSmart Venus Pro Wireless RGB MMO gaming mouse is flawlessly designed to alleviate wrist fatigue while being able to firmly hold the mouse in your hand. The grinding coating on the mouse surface increases the friction between your hand and the mouse. This also provides extra comfort by helping the mouse become sweat-resistant and skin-friendly.
    • Extensive Fully Programmable Buttons16 customizable buttons provide complex custom button macro coding for reconfiguration and assignment to improve your gaming skills and performance. The button custom function combines multiple keys into one button to reduce your arsenal of spells (actions) and response time. 12 of 16 thumb grip programmable buttons were designed by different inclination angles to fit for your thumb tip to click.
    • Amazing RGB Lighting and Reliable ButtonsFully customize RGB lighting up to 16 Million colors and 4 programmable RGB modes (Steady Respiration Neon and Matte) by UtechSmart software. Software easily installs by inserting the drive software card to USB port from your laptop that compatible with Windows98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7 Mac10. For the gamer, the switch of a button is applied OMRON switches which provide 10 million times clicks duration and without double click problem!
  2. Product Highlights
    • 2.4G Advanced Wireless Transmission Technology - Stable connection, precise tracking, fast data transmission speed with this PC gaming mouse. Up to 30ft / 10m working distance, eliminates delays, dropouts and interference, 800/1600/2400 DPI free switch to meet your needs with high precision.Excellent wireless Gaming Mouse for both casual and professional gamers.
    • Soundless Clicking and Advanced Energy-Saving Chip - Both left and right buttons are silent, saving you from the sharp clicking noises. You can enjoy your leisure or working time without bothering other people around you. Multi-stage power saving mode, Auto Sleeping Function, wireless gaming mouse will be in sleeping mode if it is not used after 8 minutes to save energy.Please press any button to wake it up.
    • Unique Iron Plate Design - When you use this rechargeable gaming mouse, it's ergonomic iron plate design must attract you, it will let you engaged in game playing, more competitive when you play games with your enemy. And smooth touching make it comfortable in your hand.
    • 7 Cool Breathing LED Light - 7 soothing LED colors change alternately with this computer gaming mouse, Illuminated colorful Leds that change its color randomly create a wonderful atmosphere, making you indulge in your play, which is really a cool gaming mouse (cannot be set to one specific color or turned off).
    • Rechargeable Wireless Mouse - This silent gaming mouse battery supported for longer use, with a charging cable. No need to change batteries. (Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions.) It's widely compatible with laptop/ computer that with USB port, support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win7/8,10, Mac OS system.Every product from Scettar will enjoy 45 days money-back and 12-month worry-free warranty.
  3. Product Highlights
    • Excellent Gaming Performance with 7200 DPI and 4 Polling Rate PICTEK T16 gaming mouse with default 5 DPI levels available from 1200 to 7200 DPI. Easily adjust to instantly match mouse speed to different gaming scenarios. 4 polling rate is adjustable: 125Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1000Hz, polling rate ensures smooth and high-speed movement.
    • Chroma RGB Backlit for Extreme Gaming Experience Upgraded version of PICTEK T7, with chroma RGB lighting, up to 16.8 million colors to fit your mood. Easily shut on and off the backlight or change the color mode with the convenient switch on the bottom. Plus, adopts impressive optical gaming sensor, ensure quickly switch for different games.
    • 8 Programmable Buttons & Fire Button Support macro editing, 8 mouse buttons can be programmed with PICTEK Easy-to-Program Gaming Software. The Rapid Fire button gives you the edge you need during those intensive FPS battles. Great value FPS gaming mouse, also excellent for MOBA / RTS games. (Driver Disk Included)
    • ERGONOMIC & SKIN-FRIENDLY DESIGN T16 with symmetrical & streamlined provides a comfortable claw-grip design, long-term use without fatigue. Top choice for computer game players with anti-fingerprint and sweat-resistant that can keep your grip firmly during game play. Excellent wired pc gaming mouse for casual gamers.
    • Reliable Quality & Hassle-Free Warranty T16 pc gaming mouse, 20 million clicks lifespan, buttons with neat rebound and good feedback. At Pictek, not only we offer high quality products, we back them up with 18-month warranty and a 30-day money back guaranty!
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How to choice best gaming mouse

How to choice best gaming mouse

Melissa Terry

Gaming mice are also known as gaming mice. This is a product commonly used in today’s life, A quality mouse not only ensures the efficiency of the job but also creates a sense of enjoyment for the user. So, what is the best gaming mouse and how to choose a quality product? Please refer to these experiences of yourself through the following article offline!

Why should you use a gaming mouse?

As we all know, mice will be a powerful tool to support people in work and play. This is the essential equipment for gamers or those who need to use the computer. It can be said that using the mouse will make your operations easy to perform as well as bring the most comfortable.

Why should you use a gaming mouse?

Why should you use a gaming mouse?

However, according to me, not all mice really bring high efficiency. Compared to wired mice, gaming mice have more interesting gadgets. Here are some reasons you should use this product.

1. Outstanding DPI / CPI

For gamers, the mouse's DPI / CPI is very important. These are the parameters that show the sensitivity of the mouse. DPI is the distance the mouse pointer moves over the screen / inch of the mouse actually moving outside. The bigger the DPI, the faster the mouse moves. For gaming mice, the index is usually very large, very sensitive and flexible.

Normal mice have a DPI of 400 - 800 and gaming mice can be customized in a wide range. Specifically, from 100 - 8200 to suit each type of game. From there, you can be confident to fight in any battlefield, no matter how fierce.

2. Tunnel design, many utilities

Sleek and cool design to every detail of gaming mouse

Sleek and cool design to every detail of gaming mouse

Although the gaming mouse is quite large, rough design, but for gamers, it is the representative for the cool, rugged style. Many mouse lines also have the ability to transform extremely unexpectedly. For example, detachable hand pads, back lifting easily ... Indeed, this feature attracts not only gamers but ordinary people too.

3. Extremely high FPS

The FPS index is the number of images recorded within 1 second of the sensor. The higher this index is, the more accurate the operation will be. If the FPS is low, the mouse often has a lag that annoys the user. This is a very important indicator for gamers, especially those who play the shooter line.

4. Lift distance indicator suitable

Did you know that: with some mouse lines, when you lift off the surface, you can still control the mouse normally? That is the Lift Distance indicator . Lift Distance shows the sensitivity of the bull's eye. Unlike metrics such as FPS or DPI, the lift distance of a gaming mouse is usually very low. This design ensures that if you accidentally lift your hand during use, the mouse will not be skewed.

5. High Polling rate 

Polling rate works quite similar to FPS. The higher this index is, the smoother the mouse experience. More specifically, Polling Rate represents the frequency of the sampling sensor over a period of time. High polling rate will limit the situation of the mouse being delayed, there is a delay during use. This is especially important when fighting in games that require fast mouse movement.

6. The mouse base is moderately smooth, durable and hard to wear

The mouse base is an important component for computer mice in general and gaming mice in particular. It is thin plastic pieces mounted at the 4 corners of the mouse. In addition to aesthetics, the mouse base makes it easy for users to hover on a surface. Of course, compared to normal mice, the base of the gaming mouse will be more meticulously designed from quantity, quality to size.

The benefits of using a gaming mouse are undeniable. So, my little advice for you is to use this mouse to replace the normal mouse.


The experience of buying gaming mice

Currently on the market appears many designs, models of various specialized gaming mice. In general, those products have quite similar design. However, how to choose the best mouse is not easy. With many experiences in choosing this product, I would like to share some small suggestions:

1. The size of the mouse

The size of the mouse

The size of the mouse

Each person will have a different hand size and of course the size of the mouse will be different. There are users of large sizes but there are also users of smaller sizes.

Therefore, when choosing a mouse, you should choose the product that suits your hand. Thus, new feeling comfortable and pleasant to use. Most manufacturers have adopted an average size to create computer mice suitable for many people.

2. Mouse style

To meet the needs of consumers, manufacturers are constantly changing and creating mice with the most unique designs. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose for yourself a product that matches your own personality.

3. Habits of using mouse 

One of the criteria for you to choose a suitable product is to determine the habit of using a mouse. Usually there will be a common habit that users use most. Let's discover what kind of you are!

Palm Grip

This way, the user usually contacts the mouse with 6 different contact points. It consists of 5 fingers and a few palms. The fingers will now click on the mouse and form an arch. It is with this habit that you should choose a mouse similar to the way held above. Thus, help you perform tasks on the computer more effectively.

Fingertip grip

According to my observation, holding Fingertip grip mouse is less common. Here's how to hold the mouse with your fingertips. The downside of this habit is fatigue. So, when choosing a gaming mouse, you should prioritize products with a small body and long buttons. Avoid big, rough and heavy mice.

To help customers to choose and use the product in the best way. Manufacturers have designed extra weights to help the rat become more balanced. At this point, users will feel the mouse will be much more comfortable and conversational.

Besides, there will be manufacturers equipped with mouse feet and special touchpads. This will support maximum mouse feel as well as faster speed.

4. Choose the type of gaming mouse

Choosing a mouse for gaming is no longer difficult when you have determined your mouse usage habits. If before, you only knew of two options: mechanical sensor mouse and LED optical mouse.

Choose a gaming mouse

Choose a gaming mouse

So from now on, learn more about Laser mice! Based on its comparisons, the Hue laser possesses many superior advantages and is easy to use. Let's analyze a few advantages and disadvantages of these mice to see the difference.

Mechanical sensor mouse

This type of mouse designed a ball on the underside of the product with a roller. Thus, the position of the mouse is determined by the movement of the two details. This product is quite cheap and easy to use.

However, her disadvantage is slow operation and poor sensitivity. Therefore, people have gradually switched to using other types of products. Currently, this mouse has been replaced by much more advanced and modern mice.

LED optical mouse

In my opinion, this mouse has an impressive design, the manufacturer attaches an LED system to the bottom of the mouse. At the same time, touch video will be recorded of the surface that the lights illuminate. The microprocessor then processes the image to determine the distance traveled when the calculation is complete,

This product often has attractive appearance and can be used well in low light conditions. However, the sensitivity of this product is very poor and life expectancy is not high. On the other hand, the price of the product is also quite expensive.

Laser mouse

Laser mouse

Laser mouse

The working principle of laser mouse is quite similar to LED optical mouse. However, this product has been improved by the manufacturer and equipped with many special features. Thanks to that, the sensitivity also increased significantly.

The only downside to this one is that it's easy to run out of battery. Therefore, you need to change the batteries regularly and of course her cost will be more than using a wired mouse. However, if I asked the best gaming mouse, I still answered it was a Laser mouse. Outstanding features, the battery consumption is also understandable that.

Besides, many people also divide wireless gaming mice into 2 categories as follows:

Bluetooth mouse

The advantage of this mouse is easy to combine with different types of devices and computers. At the same time, you will not have to worry about preserving your lost receiver. However, her sensitivity is quite poor. Therefore, you need to consider when using it!

Wireless mouse type ordinary

This is a product with very high sensitivity and distance to receive signals is also far greater than conventional types. This type of mouse connected to a computer usually relies on the RF receiver. However, if you are not careful, you will lose this information. At the same time, sometimes the receiver will cause interference with other devices.

But, in general, the type of mouse using conventional wireless wave still has greater revenue and is showing signs of strong increase.

5. Mouse function

Mouse function

Mouse function

The next criterion for you to choose the best product is to determine the purpose and function of the mouse. According to the needs and characteristics of the game that gaming mice are no longer designed merely with two basic buttons.

There are many types of mice equipped with many functions. Up to now, the product has been designed with 19 function buttons for gaming and graphic design.

In addition, there are many types of mouse buttons designed back or forward, copy or paste for example. This detail has helped and made the performance much higher.

6. Sensitivity of a gaming mouse

Certainly the sensitivity of the mouse is one of the important things that you cannot ignore. Typically, the sensitivity of a mouse will be calculated in units of DPI. The higher this index is, the better the sensitivity of the product.

Currently, in the market, the mid-range products will be 1200DPI. As for the more advanced products, this number is much higher. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the DPI to an appropriate level. For jobs that require high levels of meticulousness, the DPI factor is essential.

7. Select the mouse cover

Choosing a mouse case is one of the most important steps that you cannot ignore. This criterion not only assesses the adhesion ability but also determines the elasticity of the button. Previously, the sides of the mouse would be covered with a rough layer to increase friction and absorb sweat.

However, when the coating wears off, it will quickly degrade the mouse. To overcome this as well as increase sales, manufacturers have come up with a new design made of non-slip rubber. But, this product is not suitable for gamers who have sweaty hands. Therefore, to increase friction, regular mouse cleaning is essential!

8. Battery life

Battery life

Battery life

The weakness of wireless gaming mice compared to wired mice is the expense. Most of them are powered by battery power. However, the battery life is quite low, which makes users feel uncomfortable when having to replace batteries constantly, increasing costs.

Therefore, when buying this mouse, you also need to pay attention to battery life to make it better!

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