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  1. Product Highlights
    • SCISSORS AND ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: The keys are a short stroke and responsive which helps one type faster and offer super precise control. These low-profile keys are similar to a laptop keyboard, more easy and natural to just jump right in and start using. The tiny rubber pads on the bottom are extremely grippy and stable to type. Do not need to worry about the keyboard moving around while you type
    • ADJUSTABLE DPI AND SILENT CLICK: The optical mouse features three DPI levels (800/1200/1600), fast and precise, can work on just about any surface that you can think of. This mouse can offer you a soft quiet click experience. Contoured shape fits your hands perfectly, reducing hand fatigue. Note: It does not work with foreign languages
    • PERFECT SIZE AND ERGONOMIC TILT: Smaller size and thinner profile allow easier storing and moving. The touch on the keyboard is so light and requires little strength to use. With ergonomic tilt, you can use it more comfortably and will not feel fatigued and painful after typing for a while. It comes with a clear lightweight silicone cover that helps to keep the keyboard clean and dust free
    • STABLE CONNECTION AND AUTO SLEEP MODE: It connects to your device via a single 2.4 G USB nano receiver (located in the battery compartment of the keyboard). Plug the receiver into the USB port and it quickly establishes a solid (up to 10m) connection with the keyboard and mouse. The mouse sleeps after eight minutes of inactivity and the keyboard sleeps after ten minutes
    • SHORTCUTS AND COMPATIBILITY: This slim keyboard is not a full size keyboard which contains a variety of fast-access hot keys and versatile function keys. Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, and Win 10. Not fully compatible with Mac OS System
  2. Product Highlights
    • 2.4G STABLE WIRELESS CONNECTION RECEIVER : The micro receiver can be connected to the keyboard and mouse with only one USB port, plug and play, no other drivers or options needed. 2.4G wireless technology, the connection is more stable, and the effective wireless range is up to 33 feet. The USB receiver is plugged into the battery compartment of the mouse. Connect a keyboard and mouse with just a nano receiver.
    • FASHION ULTRA-THIN KEYBOARD : With a special curved streamlined ultra-thin keyboard, your desktop is unique and elegant. The splash-proof feature prevents the internal components of the wireless keyboard from being damaged by accidental spills of coffee or water. You can focus on your work and enjoy afternoon tea time while typing.
    • ADJUSTABLE DPI AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN : 3 DPI levels (800/1200/1600 DPI) allows you to change the cursor sensitivity easily and track more smoothly over a variety of surfaces. Contoured shape fits your hands perfectly, reducing hand fatigue.
    • DURABLE AND WIDE COMPATIBILITY : Mouse and keyboard combination compatible with Windows 2000 / ME / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10. Suitable for desktops, Chrome books, PCs, laptops, computers, smart TVs, MacOS. (The keyboard is 1 AAA battery and the mouse is 1 AA. The battery is not included.)
    • 19 FUNCTION HOT KEYS HUMANIZED DESIGN : Quiet buttons let you enjoy comfort, smooth typing and click. Hotkeys provide easy access to applications and media controls. The wireless quiet keyboard features 19 easy-to-reach function keys for multimedia control of video and music, email, and more. Ideal for entertainment, teaching, and office, saving you time and making work and life easier. Suitable for families, offices, and travel.(Note:Some multimedia function are not available with Mac OS and Wi
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How to choice best keyboards mouse 2022 for gamer

How to choice best keyboards mouse 2022 for gamer

Trevor Marshall

For gamers, gaming accessories are extremely important. In it, the gaming keyboard is like an indispensable weapon – a powerful tool for gamers to fight in all fronts. Therefore, choosing an excellent gaming keyboard model is not easy. Here are the top 5 best gaming keyboards that gamers should know.

Why should you use a gaming keyboard?

Why should you use a gaming keyboard?

Why should you use a gaming keyboard?

Currently, there are many designs of computer keyboards suitable for each different usage. So, why do gamers use a gaming keyboard or a mechanical keyboard? The most basic reasons are:

1. Very responsive gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards are designed with extremely sensitive key cables. Therefore, users only need to tap, touch can also make configuration motion. This is extremely great for gamers when using the keyboard in big battles.

Different from normal office keyboards, it has a high key design. Therefore, it has some limitations in the case of fast key presses.

2. Convenient structure design

The way to organize the design of keystrokes on a gaming keyboard is also completely different from the conventional office keyboards. Gaming keyboards combine important control keys and function close together. It helps game keyboard users can use faster and more convenient keystrokes near each other to manipulate important functions in the game. Text bar structure is also very reasonable design, avoiding the case of the distance between the keys is too far apart.

3. Bring the feeling of typing adventure

For gamers, the possession of a stunning gaming keyboard gives them a great sense of adventure when participating in battles. What makes the typing feel great and different is the sound when you touch the keyboard.

Bring the feeling of typing extremely cool

Bring the feeling of typing extremely cool

The typing patterns of the gaming keyboard are extremely pleasant and bring extremely interesting feeling. Typing adventure helps you get better entertainment moments, gaming moments more perfect and much more complete.

4. Increase typing speed

The gaming keyboard helps users to increase the typing speed when using normal keyboard many times. With convenient keystrokes, floating keys make typing more convenient, not entangled. Typing speed is completely improved with the way to organize keys of the best quality gaming keyboards today. The construction of specific keys for gaming helps users to use in accordance with the specialized features of the game, especially for high-profile games.

5. Easy to replace keycap

Not only handy, bringing great typing feeling to users, the gaming keyboard can also change the style very easily. Users can completely replace the keycap according to the user's preference. You can completely change the keyboard keycap models arbitrary help completely change the keyboard style without having to replace the entire keyboard to cost money.

6. There is LED

One of the biggest advantages of a gaming keyboard is the design of the LED system on the keyboard surface. This helps provide adequate light for the user. It gives enough light to see the key when you use it in the dark, without turning on the light. With LED light to ensure safety for the eyes, while also creating vivid colors to make the experience of gaming in the game a lot more professional.

The LED system is also removable. If you do not like the LED colors and the LED lighting system, you can easily change and remove the LED.

Those are the advantages, differences and particularities of the gaming keyboard that you should know. That difference is the reason why gamers use gaming keyboards today, not the usual office keyboard models.

Criteria for choosing a gaming keyboard?

Reveal how to choose the best gaming keyboard

Reveal how to choose the best gaming keyboard

How to choose the best gaming keyboard models today? Among the countless brands and keyboard models that are rampant on the market, please pay attention to the following to be able to choose the best keyboard model!

1. Select and note the function keys

When choosing a gaming keyboard, be mindful of its functions. You need to consider what features of the gaming keyboard are really needed for you. The more features a new keyboard has, the higher its price. And of course the applications as well as the difference for the user feel are much more perfect. Some of the special new features that only the gaming keyboard has are:

There is LED

Gaming keyboard with LED attached with many different colors. It helps users get light support, eye protection support. Not only that, the LEd system also helps to reflect images as well as create the best effects on the configuration interface in the game, helping players to have more realistic, fancier experiences. The feeling of true gaming is the feeling that all gamers are looking for.

There are USB sockets

With some of the more advanced gaming keyboards, people will design with an additional USB next to the keyboard socket. This is one of the new features of a specific type of keyboard used in gaming or in the field of professional network security. It makes it possible for users to copy data quickly and safely, avoiding virus intrusion compared to plugging USB into computer outputs.

2. Type of keyboard

Select by keyboard classification

Select by keyboard classification

When choosing to buy a gaming keyboard, you should also pay attention to the type of gaming keyboard. Currently on the connection, there are 2 types of gaming keyboards:


A wired keyboard is a type of keyboard that requires a wired connection to be used with different types of computers. This type of keyboard can be used with many different computers via an extension cord. However, it also has some limitations that are a bit cumbersome when connecting wires. Can easily cut the wire, easily damaged the connection when the computer placement is not safe.


Wireless keyboard is connected by bluetooth system. Connect via online. This type of keyboard can only connect to certain computer models. It cannot be used on older computers and does not have a modern online connection function over the bandwidth.

3. Keyboard price

When buying a gaming keyboard, you should also be aware of the price of the machine before buying. By now, there are many high-end keyboard designs with very high prices. So, finding the keyboard beforehand will help you prepare financially before buying. From there, you'll also find keyboard models that suit your needs and affordability.

4. Test whether the keyboard is smooth or not

If you have the opportunity to go directly to the address provided gaming keyboard, you should try the keyboard before buying. You can try typing a keyboard to test the smoothness of the numeric keys on the table. While this is only a manual test, it can help you to measure more or less the visible quality of gaming keyboards.

Those are experiences of buying a gaming keyboard that you can refer to when needed. Read carefully, know how to choose well, you will own the best quality keyboards.

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