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Best mini photo printers 2022

Best mini photo printers 2022


Many people love to keep memories and beautiful moments through photos. However, it is a hassle to go to photo shops to print photos and store. With the advent of mini photo printers , you can create sharp images quickly and conveniently. So how to choose the best photo printer? Here are some experience buying products that you can refer to.

What is a mini photo printer? 

Handheld photo printers are capable of producing vivid images in a short time

Handheld photo printers are capable of producing vivid images in a short time

This is a technological device designed to perform printing of image files from computers, phones, cameras, etc. Through connecting and software applications, the device can create pictures. High-resolution, sharp images in a short time. Because mini printers are equipped with laser printing technology, new type inkjet so the picture quality is beautiful and stable as normal printers. 

The compact photo printer design is compact, convenient and easy to take and use anywhere. Especially during holidays, picnics, .. you can catch all memorable moments. Or simply for ordinary photo printing. Moreover, you can easily combine with multiple devices for quick printing. 

What types of portable photo printers are available today? 

1. Mini thermal photo printer

With this photo printing equipment, images are printed through the process of heating the image and mixing colors on the coated paper. When the ink has cooled and hardened, it will produce a realistic image, clear as desired. This is a common printing technology for instant imaging devices. 

2. Mini dry photo printer 

This is a completely new printing technology used in compact photo printers. Superior image quality, fast printing speed, but the price of this device is higher than a mini thermal printer. 

Why should I buy a mini pocket photo printer? 

Why should you buy a mini pocket photo printer?

Why should you buy a mini pocket photo printer?

1. Compact design

The first advantage of this mini printer series is the fairly compact design. So, you can take it for travel, business or anywhere in the inventory. This feature is really suitable for people whose printing needs are not too large. 

2. Beautiful image quality

Manufactured with state-of-the-art printing technologies, the print quality of pocket photo printers is increasingly improved. Maybe it, clear image, stable on par with the quality of specialized printers. Moreover, the printing speed is very fast so it is very suitable when taking pictures and taking immediately to give to friends. 

3. Easy, flexible connection

Using a mini photo printer, you don't need to worry about compatibility with peripherals. It can be connected quickly and easily to many popular software applications and operating systems. This feature makes it easy for you to print photos without having to set up troublesome physical settings and connections. 

How to choose a handheld photo printer?

Experience choosing handheld photo printers

Experience choosing handheld photo printers

1. Parameters of resolution, print speed 

To evaluate the quality of a pocket photo printer, the resolution and pixel density specifications are the most important factor. You should choose printers with a minimum resolution of 300x300dpi. With these high resolution indexes, printed images will have high definition. Print speed is also a point to note so do not have to wait too long when printing. Choose the type of machine with the faster printing speed, the better. 

2. Check photo printing technology 

As mentioned, photo printers are divided based on application printing technology. With small models, it incorporates two popular printing technologies: thermal printing and dry printing. Thermal printing produces good image quality and high resolution, but requires frequent replacement of ink and allows it to dry after printing.

And with dry printing technology, no need to change the ink, no need to wait for the ink to dry, but the price of the machine is quite high. So, depending on the needs and financial ability to choose the appropriate product.

3. Design style 

For those who travel frequently, business will surely want to own a compact, convenient size. Convenient pocket design to carry with you and use anytime. Not to mention, you can choose a handheld photo printer with eye-catching colors like pink, blue, black and white. 

4. Printer material 

When choosing to buy, make sure the photo printer is made from high quality materials such as ABS plastic or durable alloy cover. Good casing material helps the machine is more resistant to shock, more effective shock to protect the motherboard inside. Moreover, you also need to pay attention to the device's water and dust resistance. 

5. Check the battery life 

Many handheld photo printers are often equipped with rechargeable batteries that last for a long time. You should choose battery life in the range of 600 to 1000 mAh to meet the needs of stable image printing for a long time without interruption. With this time, you can print up to 25 copies on a single charge. In addition, you should choose the model that supports fast charging technology via charger cable or backup battery via USB port. 

6. Compatibility with other devices

You should choose printers that support bluetooth technology, 4G or Wifi connection. This capability makes it easy to print photos anywhere with quick, easy operation. Besides, it is also important to choose a device that is compatible with many operating systems and software applications downloaded on your phone. Thus, you manage the settings and adjust the mode of the photo printer more conveniently with any computer series, camera.

7. Additional support features

Besides, you should also consider some important features of the printer such as 2-sided printing, printing photos from social networks, from digital cameras. In addition, the printer is installed image processing function, connecting with many devices to create unique collage is also needed. Although you know that the more modern the printer features, the more features the higher the price. So, depending on the actual use needs, please choose the appropriate type of mini photo printer. 

8. Brand and price printer 

To be able to own quality photo printing equipment, to meet the needs, products from reputable brands are the first choice. You will enjoy long-term warranty policies, good printer quality, ... Moreover, the price is also an important point to pay attention to. Compare the price of a handheld photo printer with your budget, printing performance, cost of printing paper. 

Manual quick photo printer

Manual quick photo printer

Manual quick photo printer

Step 1: Select the image you want to print

First, go to the photo album available in the device and select the image you want to print. Click the "more" button to choose to print multiple photos at once. 

Step 2: Set the print image 

At this point, the system will display a list of options. Click the Print button and choose the desired settings in terms of number of prints, orientation, number of sides printed. 

Step 3: Print photos

After choosing your customizations, click the Print button on the screen to print your pictures.

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