Top 20 portable drills must buy in 2022

A hand drill is an important labor support device for drilling, chiselling concrete, walls or hard materials. And in fact, not everyone can choose for themselves the right type of drill. As a user who has used many types of drilling machines, I will share with you which is the best quality product line.

Why should you use a hand drill?

Why use a hand drill?

Why use a hand drill?

1. Drilling, making holes in surfaces

Thanks to the rigid and sturdy drill bit, the portable drill can help users drill and make holes in hard surfaces as quickly and easily as possible. Usually the drill bit of the machine can drill on materials such as wood, stone, mica, ceramic, plastic ...

2. Used to beat eggs

A rather surprising use of a hand drill is to beat eggs. To do this, you just need to take a small metal bar, bent at one end with a length of about 50cm. Next, please clamp the head straight to the tip of the drill and start the machine. Thanks to the large drilling speed, egg whisking will be done more quickly.

3. Used to clean the floor

If cleaning the floor takes too much time, use this appliance right away. Just take advantage of a toothbrush combined with a drill, you immediately have a useful floor scrubber.

At this point, you need to use a drill and drill a hole perpendicular to the brush head and cut off the rest. Next, use a drill tip to foam the floor cleaning solution. Then, you just need to select the appropriate speed to be able to perform the floor cleaning job.

4. Used to remove pencils

First, simply clip the pencil to the tip of the drill bit and tighten it. Insert the tip of the pen into the paring. When the machine is turned on, the pencil will be sharpened automatically in the shortest time.

5. Use for sharpening a knife

Instead of wasting time grinding or buying new knives, use a hand drill to sharpen your knife. You need to screw 2 screws in the middle of the screw and fix 2 screws with glue gun to glue them together. 

Next, please screw in the tip of the drill and then use the bar to fasten. Then turn on the machine switch at the first speed. At this point, the device will turn into a useful knife sharpener.

6. Used for cutting

In some cases, if you do not have a cutter at your disposal, a drill may be used instead. Thanks to the drill bit head and large capacity, the drill can completely replace the blade to cut some simple materials.

7. Used for screw fixing

You can use the drill to make the screwing easier. Use a drill and secure the screw head. After that, put the other end in the position where you need to screw in and start the machine.

8. The product is highly portable

With its compact handheld size, you can easily take it to any location and area. From there, you can do your work quickly and conveniently.

Reveal the experience of hand-held drill selection

Reveal the experience of hand-held drill selection

Reveal the experience of hand-held drill selection

1. Select the model according to your needs

Portable screwdriver

This type of machine is often used for drilling, screw on hard surfaces. Therefore, they will be more suitable for households or users who need to use purely and not too technically demanding.

Cordless impact drill

This drill is more commonly used for wall drilling. However, the machine can still drill holes on hard surfaces and screw drivers. In my opinion, the product can be used for the whole family or even for professional repairmen. 

Hammer drill

Hammer drill is used to drill concrete, brick walls, iron and steel and meet the needs of construction, mechanics and machine repair. Especially suitable in a professional working environment, with high technical requirements.

2. Select the suitable power-operated machine series

Battery operated machine

If you often use the drill outdoors or locations away from the power source, you should choose a battery-operated machine. This device has a compact size, flexible use without power, no space limit. 

In addition, because of the use of 12V, 18V batteries, users are completely assured of electrical problems. The price of the product is quite high so it is more suitable for families with financial stability.

Electric machines

Electric drills are usually stronger and more durable than battery-operated models. However, they are quite large in size and limit the space used. Therefore, they will be more suitable for fixed working situations, where there is sufficient power and socket.

3. Selecting a machine with the right capacity and operability

If you use a drill on hard materials, then you should choose a machine with a capacity of over 500W to the machine always works well and more stable. However, the larger the capacity of a drill, the larger its size. Therefore, you should consider before buying the product.

In addition, you should also refer to the performance of the machine via the Volt. When selecting conventional battery drill series, the voltage of 7V is suitable. For screwdriver types, the 24V will be suitable for drilling in walls, concrete drilling, ...

4. Priority is given to machines with safety features

Priority is given to machines with safety features

Priority is given to machines with safety features

To ensure good safety during use, you should prioritize the drill line with built-in safety features. For example: shock, water and dust resistant and vibration control is suitable for concrete or wall drilling, etc. 

5. Prioritize products with good warranty, with spare parts

In the process of choosing a device, you should pay attention to the products that have good warranty. This will ensure your device is always exchanged and repaired free of charge when used. At the same time, check if the device has spare parts so that it can be easily purchased for when damaged.

6. Prioritize product lines of reputable brands

When choosing to buy a hand drill, you should prioritize the product line with a clear origin and brand to ensure the quality and safety during the use of the machine.

7. Select the machine according to economic conditions

Currently, on the market there are many types of portable drilling machines with different functions but the cost will also vary. Models with segments from 50$ to 100$ will be in the low-cost segment. These products belong to family series, only moderate capacity, few functions.

Products in the mid-range segment from 100$ - 200$ are very popular. They are equipped with additional safety protection functions. In general, these models meet the needs of users.

Products in the segment of over 200$ will be versatile hand-held drill lines. They will be more suitable for households that specialize in using the machine and have good economic conditions.

Top 28 portable drills

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1. BLACK+DECKER LDX120C 20V MAX Lithium Ion Drill/Driver


Ideal for drilling into wood, metal plastic and all screw driving tasks
Lithium Ion Technology & 20V MAX: Lighter, more compact, no memory, longer life
11 Position Clutch: Provides precise control for drilling into wood, metal, plastic, and all screwdriving tasks
Compact and Lightweight: Less fatigue and allows users to drill / screw in confined spaces
Variable Speed: Allows countersinking without damaging material


The Black & Decker LBXR20 20 Volt MAX Extended Run Time Lithium Battery is compatible with the 20-Volt MAX line of power and gardening tools. These batteries have been formulated for longer runtime and improved performance. This battery is compatible with cordless tool models BDC120VA100, BDCDMT120, BDCDMT120-2, BDCDMT120F, BDCDMT120IA, BDCF20, BDH2000SL, LD3K220, LCC220, LCS120, LCS120B, LD120VA, LDX120C, LDX120PK, LDX120SB, LDX220SB, LDX220SBFC, LGC120, GLC120B, LHT210, LHT2220, LHT2220B, LLP120, LLP120B, LPHT120, LPHT120B, LPP120, LPP120B, LST220, LSW120, LSW20, LSW20B, SSL20SB, SSL20SB-2.

2. Miss Sweet Portable Nail Drill Machine Rechargeable Electric Nail File for Acrylic Nail RPM30000 (Y1 Pink)


Portable rechargeable electric nail drill (0~30000RPM)
The best price and the great quality in the market
A large variety of selection of different colors in the market
The Original Design. Professional use and personal use
Warranty: Normally the main body part of the machine can last 12 months if it's not used very heavily (The handpiece is excluded because it's a consumed part as all manicure technicians know). Please feel free to contact with Merchant customer service if there're any questions.Welcome advice and we can do better in production line


The Miss Sweet Professional Nail drills owns the FCC and CE Certificate.This nail drill is for personal use at home or professional use.Electrical/Plug-in Drill in 110-120V.Powerful: Rotated speed up to 30000RPM.Handpiece is easy slide-in/out type chuck.

3. Bosch 18V Compact 1/2" Drill/Driver Kit with (2) 1.5 Ah Slim Pack Batteries GSR18V-190B22


PERFORMANCE: The Bosch GSR18V-190B22 drill/driver kit provides an enhanced torque rating, delivering 480 in.-lbs. of torque for improved productivity.
COMPACT: Featuring a compact, lightweight design, the GSR18V-190B22 weighs only 2.75 lbs. (Tool only, not including battery) and has only a 7.8 in. head-length.
ACCURACY: With 20+1 clutch settings, the drill/driver provides accuracy for reduced fastener damage. The keyless ratcheting 1/2 in. chuck with auto-lock enables easier bit changes.
VERSATILITY: The GSR18V-190B22 provides two speed settings, allowing for high-speed (0-1, 700 RPM) setting and high-power (0-450 RPM) mode.
CONVENIENT: The GSR18V-190B22 includes a built-in LED light, an ergonomically designed soft grip handle, two 1.5 Ah SlimPack batteries, an 18V charger and a carrying bag.


The Bosch GSR18V-190B22 18V Compact 1/2 In. Drill/Driver Kit features a drill with 480 In.-Lbs. of torque, for more power to tackle the toughest tasks around the jobsite. It has a two-speed transmission one optimized for high-torque driving and one for high-speed drilling. This drill provides 20+1 clutch settings for accurate driving and reduced fastener damage. This compact tool is handy for overhead applications, with a short head-length and a weight of only 2.75 Lbs. (tool only, not including battery). The GSR18V-190 has a keyless 1/2 In. chuck a built-in LED and an ergonomic soft-grip handle. The kit includes two 1.5 Ah Slim Pack batteries, an 18V charger and a carrying bag.

4. 20V Cordless Drill, Power Drill Set with 3/8" Keyless Chuck, Variable Speed, 16 Position with LED Light, 22pcs Drill/Driver Bits Included, Masterworks MW316


Multifunctional Battery Pack20V 1.5Ah Lithium-ion battery pack with USB output compatible for phone charging and real-time capacity indicator
15+1 Position Clutch15+1 torque settings provide precise control for driving in/out screws to prevent stripping, and drilling into wood, ceramics, drywall, plastics and even metal with ease. Max torque for drilling into wood 13/16"(20mm) or steel plate 3/8" (10mm).
Ergonomic DesignCompact and lightweight design with superior motor minimizes fatigue in most daily screwing and drilling tasks; Rubber-covered handle provides a comfortable grip for being breezily operated in one hand.
Efficient WorkingA flexible shaft could be used in some places where driver bits are hard to reach; LED light illuminates dark working areas; Variable speed0-550RPMwith electric brake function provides precise operation.
What's Included10pcs drill bits, 10pcs driver bits, an extension bar for sticking on fastener and a magnetic flexible shaft for hard-to-reach places, 2 Years warranty, US based customer support


Masterworks Cordless Drill/Driver---Your Excellent Helper for Your Various Home Project
15+1 Position Clutches & Max Torque of 20N.m- provides precise control for driving
in/out screws to prevent stripping, and drilling into wood, metal, drywall and plastics inone-handed operation
Advanced Battery Pack & Superior Motor- help you work more efficiently for a varietyof home projects.

All Masterworks Products come with Two Years guarantee. If you have ANY issues, please feel free to contact us.
Masterworks US Based Customer Support answers your prepurchase and after-sales questions.

Chuck Size: 3/8"(10 mm)
Clutch Positions: 15+1
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
No-Load Speed: 0-550RPM
Charging Time: 3-5 hours
Voltage Rating: 20V
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
USB Output Voltage: DC5V
LED Light: Built-in

Package included:
- 1x 20V Masterworks Cordless Drill/Driver
-1x 20V Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
-1x Battery Charger
-1x Double-ended Driver Bit
-1x Flexible Shaft
-1x Extension Bit Holder
-10x 1" CR-V Screwdriver Bits
-10x High Speed Steel Drill Bits
- 1x Instruction Manual

5. WORKPRO Pink Cordless 20V Lithium-ion Drill Driver Set (1.5Ah),1 Battery, Charger and Storage Bag Included


HIGH PERFORMANCE - Our cordless drill driver is powered by a max 20 voltage, 1.5AH Lithium-ion battery for strong and steady power and an endurable run time. The battery is simple to change and charge. The drill is designed with variable 2-speed settings (0-400 rpm and 0-1500 rpm) for multiple purposes
21+1 TORQUE ADJUSTMENT WITH LARGER CHUCK- Your new brand cordless drill, delivering 203 in-Lbs (23N.M) of max torque,features 21+1 torque postition clutch,which provides more precision of torque adjustment as needed. Large 3/8"(10mm) keyless chuck can provide you superior bit retention
SUPER SAFE & COMFORTABLE TO USE - Our drill tool is built with a soft grip handle for added comfort and gives you total control of the tool without heavy fatigue while using. Comes with LED light for extra security and safety when you work in dark areas
ORGANIZED, PORTABLE STORAGE PINK BAG - Your brand new drill tool set can be neatly and tidily organized into our lightweight storage bag. This portable bag is easy to carry allowing you to take your tools with you to work, around the house or outdoors. The belt clip also allows you to take it with you even if you work high up
EFFICIENT WORK WITH 2 YEARS WARRANTY - You will get drill driver, 6pcs drill bits, 10pcs bits, 1pc extension bit holder,1pc 20V battery and charger in a 11" pink bag. And we are so confident in the quality and lifespan of our product that it is backed with a two years warranty. If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime, night or day :-)


WORKPRO 20V Li-ion Drill Driver Kit (1.5Ah) includes: 1PC 20V Cordless Lithium-Ion Compact Drill
1PC 11" Tool Bag
1PC 20V MAX* charger
1PC 20V MAX* Lithium-Ion Battery Packs
6 PC HSS4341 drill bits: 5/643/321/85/3213/6415/64
1 PC 60mm magnetic extension bar
10 PC 1" Cr-v bits PH1PH2PH31/85/323/161/4T10T15T20

This power driver is powered by the 20 voltage,1.5AH Lithium-ion battery for strong and steady power and endurable run time, feature LED light, blet clip, quick control button to forward and reverse rotation and so on.

This set is ideal for effortless drilling in wood,metal and plastic,the design of color-pink is ideal and attractive for lady, woman and mother.

6. CRAFTSMAN CMCK200C2 V20 2 Tool Combo Kit


20V max* 1/2 in. Cordless drill with powerful motor provides 280 UWO of power for demanding drilling and fastening tasks
20V max* 1/2 in. Cordless drill with 2 speed gearbox ranging from 0350 RPM and 01, 500 RPM for speed of application
20V max* 1/4 in. Cordless impact driver provides 1, 460 inlbs of torque running at 2, 800 RPM and 3, 100 BPM for heavy duty fastening tasks
20V max* 1/4 in. Cordless impact driver features a drop and load one handed bit change
Both units feature an LED light for improved visibility
Compact designs and contoured overmolded handles make working in tight spaces easier and more comfortable
Storage bag is included for ease of transportation and storage
(2) 20V MAX* Lithium Batteries with high performance cells provide ample runtime and increased performance
20V MAX* Lithium charger provides a 60 minute or less charge time on included battery


This CRAFTSMAN V20* 2tool Combo kit provides a solution for all of your drilling and fastening needs. The 2speed drill driver has a 1/2 in. Chuck to fit a variety of drill bits for different applications. The 280 UWO gives the power needed to complete your heavy duty tasks. The 1/4 in. Impact driver has a maximum torque rating of 1, 450 in Lbs for driving large fasteners. The one handed bit insert makes changes bits Quick and easy. Both units are lightweight, compact, and have comfortable over molded grips for reduced user fatigue. The 2tool Combo kit comes with a soft storage back for transporting or storing the products, batteries and charger.

7. CRAFTSMAN CMCD711C2 V20 Cordless Hammer Drill Kit


Part of the V20 cordless system
1/2in. Cordless hammer drill with high performance motor produces 280 unit watts out for heavy duty jobsite applications
1/2in. Ratcheting chuck for improved bit retention
25, 500 bpms for faster drilling in concrete and brick
2speed gearbox with speeds of 0350/01, 500 for speed of fastening
Included V20 20V MAX* Lithium Batteries with high performance cells provides ample runtime and increased performance
V20 20V MAX* Lithium charger provides a 60 minute or less charge time on included battery
Compatible with the VERSATRACK Wall Organization System. Clip and Accessories sold separately.


The CRAFTSMAN V20 20V max* hammer drill has a 1/2in. Chuck to fit a variety of drill bits for different applications. The 280 UWO provides the power for a variety of applications in wood and masonry.

8. CRAFTSMAN CMCD700C1 V20 Cordless Drill/Driver Kit


1/2in. Cordless drill/driver with high performance motor produces 280 unit watts out for completing a variety of applications
2speed gearbox with speeds of 0350/01, 500 for speed of fastening
1/2" Keyless chuck for fast and easy bit changes
Led light improves visibility in dark work areas
Included 20V max* Lithium battery with high performance cells provides ample runtime and increased performance
20V MAX* Lithium charger provides a 60 minute or less charge time on included battery
Compatible with Versatrack hang hook


The CRAFTSMAN V20 drill/driver has a 1/2in. Chuck to fit a variety of drill bits for different applications. The 280 UWO provides the power needed to complete your tasks.

9. Cordless Drill 60Nm, TECCPO 20V Max Power Drills with 2X2.0Ah Batteries, 1/2" Keyless Chuck, 24+1 Torque Setting, 2-Speed, LED Light, 29pcs Accessories - TDCD03P


EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE Powerful 4-pole copper motor delivers 530 in-lbs(60Nm) peak torque; 24+1 position clutch generates 150% precision of torque adjustment than regular 11+1 or 16+1 drill/driver; 2 speed transmission (0 - 450 & 0 - 1700 RPM) offers more ability to drill holes and drive screws on wood, metal and plastic
NEVER POWER OFF 2pcs 20V 2000mAh large capacity Lithium-Ion batteries are alternated to keep the power drill constantly running all the time; 4A ultra fast charger takes 30-min for a full charge which is 150% faster when compared with others
FABULOUS ADJUSTMENT All-metal gears and 1/2" key-less ratcheting chuck provide maximum durability and great accessory compatibility; F/R button and variable speed trigger are available for drilling and fastening
COMPETITIVE DESIGN Rubber over-mold handle with ergonomic design offers maximum user comfort and less vibration; Flexible shaft allows getting into the tightest work spaces with ease; Trigger-activated LED light illuminates your work area
WHAT YOU GET 1 * TECCPO Cordless Drill/driver Set; 2 * 20-Volt Batteries; 1 * 30mins Fast Charger; 1 * Flexible Shaft; 1 * Contractor Bag; 1 * Belt Clip; 29pcs Accessories [15 * screwdriver bits (25mm), 7 * Drills, 5 * Screwdriver Bits (1.97''), 1 * nut bit adapter, 1 * Extension Rod (2.3'')]; 1 * user manual; 1 * 2-years warranty card


------ TECCPO Cordless Drill/Driver - TDCD03P ------ TECCPO engineered the 20V power drill with powerful performance and perfect ergonomic design to make this drill driver efficient and worthy. Competitive Features: 24-position clutch supplies control of 530 In-lbs torque, 1-drill position for drill holes. For fine work, keep the clutch setting low. For more power, the clutch setting can be higher. Two-position speeds (0- 450RPM/0-1700RPM) and variable speed trigger are used to adjust working speeds. 2pcs 2.0 Ah large capacity Lithium-Ion batteries and 30-minutes fast charger keep your cordless drill live all the time. Specification: Voltage: 20V Max Battery: 2000mAh Li-Ion BatteryPackCyclelife:250cycles Idling speed: 0-450RPM / 0-1700RPM Torque: 60Nm(530 In-lbs) Max Bore Diameter: 13 mm Max Charging current: 4A Charger: 100-240V/50-60HZ/95W Package Content: 1pcs - TECCPO Cordless Drill (20V Max) 2pcs - Li-ion Battery 1pc - Charger 1pc - Belt Buckle 1pc - Flexible Shaft 1pcs - Extension rod (60mm) 1pc - Socket Connector 5pcs - Screwdriver bits (50mm) 7pcs - Drill 15pcs - Screwdriver bits (25mm) 1pc - Storage bag 1pc - User Manual 1pc - 2 years Warranty Card Note: Always check that the supply voltage corresponds to the voltage indicated on the rating plate of the charger. People under the age of 16 are not allowed to use this tool. Do not expose the tool / battery to rain. Please keep the device in a dry place where children can not touch it. TECCPO still believes that tools are the most important thing before a perfect project! Get a right drill/driver Now!

10. Cordless Drill Driver Kit, 20V Max Impact Hammer Drill Set w/ Lithium-Ion Battery, Fast Charger, 21+1+1 Clutch, 330 In-lb Torque, Variable Speed & Built-in LED for Drilling Walls, Bricks, Wood, Metal


Proudly Present KIMO BatteryOver 25 years, KIMO has dedicated a whole engineering team that keeps updating its batteries to the best of its kind. It's guaranteed that the life expectancy of each KIMO battery is at least 1,000 cycles. Stop worrying about dying batteries or batteries that won't charge after minimal usage. KIMO's got your back!
21+1+1 Clutch & 2 Variable SpeedEquipped with 3 functions, screwdriving, drilling and impact drilling, this 2 variable speed (0-350RPM, 0-1350RPM) 21+1+1 clutch Drill Driver is your no.1 helper for your precise work around the house. Whether it's household reconstruction, renovation, garden work or garage repairs, consider getting this KIMO drill as an one-stop solution.
All Copper Motor & MAX 330 In-lb TorqueKIMO Cordless Drill features an All-Copper Motor that ensures stable operations and is much lighter, cooler and more efficient than aluminum motor drill drivers. Maximum 330 in-lb torque is ideal for drilling through or screwing in wood, metal, and plastic, fulfilling a wide range of needs.
Compact, Lightweight 2 lbs Design, Built-in LED & Reverse ControlCompact (7-in front to back) design fits into tight areas, ultra lightweight (2.2-lb) minimizes user fatique. Comes with built-in LED light for increased visibility in enclosed work spaces or any dark environment.The forward/reverse switch allows screws to be removed or replaced once they are secured.
46 piece Accesory & 2-year WarrantyGet your KIMO power kit without worrying about purchasing other accessories, KIMO Drill/Driver Kit includes 3 Brad Point Drill Bits, 6 Twist Drill Bits, 33 screwdriver bits, 3 Nut Driver Bits, 1 Carrying Bag, 1 Fast Charger, 1 Battery. KIMO offers a 2-YEAR WARRANTY for its Cordless Drill/Driver, please contact us at [email protected] if you encounter any questions/concerns about anything.

11. EnerTwist 20V Max Cordless Lithium-Ion Power Drill Set with Battery and Charger, 28-Pieces Accessries Kit, ET-CD-20


PLENTY OF POWER - Our 3/8" cordless electric drill is powered by a max 20 voltage, 1.5Ah Lithium-ion battery for strong, steady running and a long lasting time. The fully charged battery holds a charge for up to 18 months. Speed setting 0-700 RPM for a range of fastening and drilling applications;
18+1 TORQUE ADJUSTMENT KEYLESS CHUCK - Powerful built 20V Max motor delivering 186 (21Nm) of max torque, features 18+1 torque postition clutch, which provides more precision of torque adjustment as needed. Large 3/8"(10mm) keyless chuck can provide you superior bit retention;
COMFORT & EASY TO USE - Ergonomic soft-grip handle delivers added comfort and control of the tool without heavy fatigue during using. Comes with built-in LED light for extra security and safety when you work in dark areas; And the energy indicator on the housing of drill machine, super easy to check the power remaining. Aside it is a magnetic holder function very convenient for commonly used bit switching/keeping;
COMPACT DRILL SET - Compact and lightweight design fits into tight areas, allows users to carry out drilling/driving projects in confined spaces and with ease. Ideal for drilling and fastening with a variety of materials such as wood, metal and plastic around the house;
INCLUDED COMPONENTS - Enertwist ETCD20 20V MAX Cordless Electric Drill/Driver, (1) 1.5Ah Lithium Ion Battery, (1) Charger, (12) Fully Ground Twist Drill Bits, (8) 2 in. Screwdriving Bits, (3) 1 in. Screwdriving Bits, (5) Nut Drivers, (1) Carrying Case for Drill Bits Set, (1) Manual, (1) 1-Year Warranty Card;


Enertwist20V Max Cordless Lithium-Ion 3/8 Inch Compact Drill Driver Kit

12. GOXAWEE Cordless Hammer Drill Kit, 12V 2Pcs Batteries Screwdriver Set (1.5Ah) with 3/8" Keyless Chuck, 2-Speed, 18+3 Position, 265 In-lbs, LED Light, 1 Hour Fast Charger & 100Pcs Accessories for Home


2 Batteries & Fast Charger: The cordless drill comes with 2 Lithium-ion battery of 1500mAh makes it always ready to use without restriction and 1 hour fast charger allows fast full charging. It's sturdy and portable, the weight of cordless drill only 927g.
18 + 3 Torque Setting Hammer Drill: With 18 adjustable position clutch, and drill, impact drill, screwdriver 3 in 1 working mode, this power drill offers you all the daily needs. Maximum drilling: 10mm (metal) & 15mm (wood) / Maximum screwing: 10 mm
2-speed Drill Driver: The cordless impact drill equipped with the 2-speed setting at 0-350/1350 rpm, The variable speed trigger allows for accurate speed control: Low speed (0-350 rpm) is better for screw driving; High speed (0-1350 rpm) is more efficient for drilling tasks
Quick Change & Easy Use: the Keyless Chuck provide automatic spindle lock allows for easy one-hand changing bits; Spin the drill head circle to change speed, The maximum torque at 30 N.m is available for tough jobs. Flexible Shaft (250mm) can be used in the places where driver bits are hard to reach
Ergonomic Design & Personality: kit provides the user a comfortable soft grip and balanced LED work light helping in dim places with little lighting Rotational switch allows you to either rotate forward or reversely based on your purposes Carbide Drill bit is great for drilling on bricks and tiles.


GOXAWEE Tool - Power Tool - Drill Tool - 12V Drill Cordless Screwdriver with 2 Batteries 1500mAh & 100 Pieces Drill Attachment Kit for Home & DIY

GOXAWEE Cordless Drill Driver Kit is 100% New & High Quality , Lightweight Portability & Strong . Ideal for DIY enthusiasts.

250mm Flexible Shaft : The flexible screwdriver shaft expands your application and makes the work under special angles and in a smaller space more practical.

Drill brush : Under high speed rotation of the drill, drill brushes can easily remove and clean stains, great for cleaning bathtub, floor, toilet, car ...

Brad Point Drill : Suitable for drilling wood (4mm, 5mm, 6mm)

HSS-R Metal Drill : Use for iron, alloyed and non-alloyed metals, non-ferrous metals, cast iron, hard plastics (4mm, 5mm, 6mm)

Carbide drill : Masonry drill bit can easily penetrate into different materials, such as ceramic tile, glass, hard plastic, concrete cement, travertine mirror, brick wall, wood. (6mm)

Features: Voltage: 12V
Battery: 1500mAh X 2pcs
Charging Voltage: 110V
No Load Speed: 0-350 / 0-1350 rpm
Drill Chuck: 0.8-10mm
Torque: 18-30 N.m
Weight of cordless drill: 927g
Total weight: 2.4 kg

GOXAWEE Tool is a source of hard-to-find mini-tools for crafts and hobbies. We are very proud to provide the best customer service in Europe. Whether you are a professional craftsman, a robot builder or a model hobbyist who needs small precision tools and micro-tools, GOXAWEE Tool can help you.

13. Cordless Drill Driver, GALAX PRO 20V Lithium Ion Power Drill with Work Light, Max Torque(20N.m), 3/8 inch Keyless Chuck, 19+1 Position, Single Speed (0-600RPM)- 1.3Ah Battery & Charger Included


KEYLESS CHUCK: This drill comes equipped with a 3/8" keyless chuck for fast and convenient bit installation or removal. Simply twist the chuck ring either direction to loosen or tighten the chuck and insert or remove the drill bit
19+1 POSITION TORQUE RING: The power drill features 19+1 torque position clutch, 20N.m maximum torque, help you to choose the most suitable drilling force and precisely control the drilling size to meet your needs. Variable torque settings allow for maximum control and precise torque settings for any material- wood, metal, plastic and more
20V MAX BATTERY: The Cordless Driver comes with a 1.3Ah Lithium Ion battery and a charger for extended run time. Indicator on the the front of the battery to display how many power left for less downtime on the job
ERGONOMIC DESIGN & CONVENIENCE:Soft rubber handle provides a comfortable grip for being breezily operated in one hand. Illumination LED light provides a bright work area during dark situation and the belt clip also allows you to take it with you even if you work high up
WHAT YOU GET: 1*GALAX PRO 95604 Cordless Drill, 1* 1.3A Battery, 1* Charger,1* Belt Clip, 2*Batch header, 3* Drill Bit, 1* User Manual, 1* Warranty Card; 24 Months Warranty


The Galax Pro cordless drill is designed to apply for various of drilling and driving tasks. Perfect for tasks around the home, garage, garden and workshop, including drilling holes in wood, plastic, metal and drywall as well as driving in/out screw. Light-weight and ergonomic design, it is a great helper for all kinds of DIY tasks around the house

Rotational Direction Switch
The forward/reverse switch allows screws to be removed or replaced once they are secured.

LED Work Light
The Cordless Drill is equipped with a highly effective built-in LED light that illuminates your target in a dark working enviornment, ensuring precise control when the lighting is not the best

Voltage: 20V
No Load Speed: 0-600RPM
Chuck Size: 3/8inch
Torque Setting: 19+1 Max. Torque: 20N.m

Package Contents:
1* GALAX PRO 95604Cordless Drill;
1* 1.3A Battery;
1* Charger;
1* Belt Clip;
2* Batch header;
3* Screwdriver Bit;
1* User Manual;
1* Warranty Card, 24-month Warranty

14. WORX WX176L.1 Switchdriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill and Driver with Rotating Dual Chucks and 2-Speed Motor with Precise Electronic Torque Control Kit (67 Piece)


Rotating dual chuck makes switching between two drilling or driving bits faster and smoother than ever
Precise electronic torque control prevents stripping screws and damage to work surface
Variable 2-speed gearing tackles all common drilling and driving applications
Toolless 1/4" hex quick change chucks for easy bit change-out
Built-in automatic LED light illuminates work area.The Switchdriver is powered by a 20V MaxLithium battery and features variable 2-speed gearing to tackle all common drilling and driving applications.


Get ready for a faster, more enjoyable DIY experience with the innovative WORX Switchdriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill & Driver. The Switchdriver features two 1/4 in. chucks that rotate 180 at the push of a button. This unique dual-chuck design lets you move effortlessly between drilling and driving without stopping to change out the bit. Just load both chucks with standard hex bits, drill your hole, then press the button to rotate the second chuck and drive the screw. No more fumbling for bits means you can work twice as fast, even while standing on a ladder. You can even work in the dark, thanks to an automatic LED light that engages in drive mode. At 3.1 lbs, the Switchdriver is compact, lightweight and easy to control. A variable-speed, reversible motor delivers enough power to handle most drilling, driving or fastening jobs around the house. Use high speeds (up to 1,500 RPM) for fast drilling, and low speeds for jobs that require more torque. A precise electronic torque control dial lets you choose from 11 positions and 265-in-lbs. of torque to set screws to the right depth without stripping or work surface damage. The Switchdriver comes with two powerful 20-volt MAX lithium batteries, compatible with all WORX 20V DIY lawn and power tools as part of the Power Share battery platform that saves you time and money. Included in the box are the Switchdriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill and Driver, two 20V 1.5Ah Power Share batteries, battery charger, one 1/8" drill bit, one 3/32" drill bit, and a #2 Philips driver bit, and a manufacturers 3-year warranty.

15. DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill Driver


BRUSHLESS MOTOR: Longer motor life and 30% more runtime than brushed
INCREASED VISIBILITY: Has built-in LED with 20-second delay after trigger release
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Compact (752 in front to back) and lightweight (26 lbs) design fits into tight areas
COMFORT GRIP HANDLE: Provides ideal balance and tool control
INCLUDES: (1) DCD777 Compact Brushless Drill/Driver, (2) Li-ion Batteries, (1) Charger, and (1) Kit Bag


20V, Max, Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill Driver, Compact Lightweight Design, High Performance Motor Delivers 340W Out of Power, with 75% more runtime with Lithium Ion batteries, High Speed Transmission Delivers 2 Speeds, with No Load speed of 0-50 & 1,750 Rpm, 1/2" Single Sleeve Ratcheting Chuck, Includes: Two 20V Max Compact Lithium-Ion Battery Packs, Compact Charger & Contractor Bag.

16. BLACK+DECKER LD120VA 20-Volt Max Lithium Drill/Driver with 30 Accessories


Lithium Ion Battery - Always Ready, holds a charge up to 18 months
By providing extra level of control, the 24 postion clutch prevents stripping and overdriving screws
Soft grip handle provides added comfort during use. Assortment of 30 accessories to help you get the job done
Part of the 20V MAX System - A System that Demands Attention; Can be used for drilling and screwdriving through wood, metal, and plastic
LB20 20V MAX Lithium Ion Battery, LCS20 Charger, Brad Point Drill Bits (6), 1 in. Screwdriving Bits (10), 2 in. Screwdriving Bits (9), Nut Drivers (4), Magnetic Bit Tip Holder (1)


The Black and Decker LD120-VoltA 20-Volt Max Lithium Drill/Driver with 30 Accessories come with the Black and Decker 20-Volt max Lithium Ion Battery. These batteries are always ready, holding a charge up to 18 months. This drill provides an extra level of control with a 24 position clutch that helps to prevent stripping and overdriving screws. It has a soft grip handle that provides added comfort during use and a light weight to prevent user fatigue. This drill is ideal for drilling and screwdriving through wood, metal, and plastic. The LD120-VoltA set includes: LD120 20-Volt MAX Lithium Drill/Driver, (1) LB20 20-Volt MAX Lithium Ion Battery, (1) LCS20 Charger, (6) Brad Point Drill Bits, (10) 1-Inch Screwdriving Bits, (9) 2-Inch Screwdriving Bits, (4) Nut Drivers, (1) Magnetic Bit Tip Holder and is backed by Black and Decker's 2 Year limited warranty.

17. BLACK+DECKER BDC120VA100 Cordless Project Kit with 100 Accessories


Lithium-ion battery holds a charge up to 18 months
24-position clutch prevents stripping and overdriving screws
100-piece assortment of accessories ideal for all your needs
Ideal for drilling through or screwdriving wood, metal, and plastic


BDC120VA100 (1) LD120 20V MAX lithium-ion drill/driver, (1) LB20 20V MAX lithium-ion battery, (1) LCS20 charger, (1) 100-piece accessory kit

18. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Drill/Driver 3-Speed, Premium 4.0Ah Kit (DCD980M2)


3-speed all-metal transmission, Maximum Speed (rpm): 2000
Heavy-duty 1/2" metal ratcheting chuck with carbide inserts
High power, high efficiency motor delivers 535 unit watts out of max power
LED light with 20 second delay after trigger release
Includes 2 batteries


The DEWALT DCD980M2 20V MAX Li-Ion Premium 3-Speed Drill/Driver Kit (4.0 Ah) features a 3-speed all-metal transmission that matches the tool to task for fastest application speed and improved run time. It has a heavy-duty 1/2" metal ratcheting chuck with carbide inserts which provides superior bit gripping strength. The high power, high efficiency motor delivers 535 unit watts out of max power for superior performance in all drilling and fastening applications. Also featured within the unit is a LED light with 20 second delay after trigger release. This drill/driver runs on DEWALT 20V Max XR Premium Lithium Ion batteries which offer longer tool runtime & enhanced durability. The kit includes: (1) Drill/Driver, (1) One-hour charger, (2) 20V Max XR Premium Lithium Ion batteries, (1) 360Degree side handle, and Kit Box.

19. Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2 inch Compact Drill Driver Kit


Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas
High performance motor delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power ability completing a wide range of applications
High speed transmission delivers 2 speeds (0-450 & 1,500 rpm) for a range of fastening and drilling applications.System:20V MAX
1/2-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck provides tight bit gripping strength.Ergonomic handle delivers comfort and control
The battery pack is not fully charged out of the carton,refer page 2 in user manual for charging procedure.


The DEWALT DCD771C2 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion compact drill driver has a lightweight design with a high performance motor that delivers 300 unit watts of power. The high speed transmission delivers 2 speeds 0-450 RPMs and 0-1500 RPMs. The ergonomic handle allows comfort and control. The tools weighs 3.6 pounds and contains 2 20-volt Max compact Lithium ion battery packs, a compact charger and durable contractor bag.

20. PORTER-CABLE PCC601LB 20V Max 1/2-Inch Lithium Ion Drill/Driver


High performance motor delivers 283 Units Watts Out
2 speed gear box (0-350/0-1500 RPMs)
Compact size (8.25" long) and light weight (3.5lbs)
1/2" Keyless chuck


The PORTER-CABLE PCC601LB 20V Max 1/2" Lithium Ion Drill/Driver features a high performance motor that delivers 283 Units Watts Out. It has a 2 -speed gear box (0-350/0-1500 RPMs) which delivers the power needed to complete tasks with ease. The 1/2" keyless chuck allows for quick bit changes, and a LED light illuminates and brightens dark work areas. This unit offers a compact size (8.25" long) and is quite light weight (3.5lbs), which allows this tool to work in tight areas and minimizes user fatique. Also, the 20V Max Lithium Ion batteries with 1.3 amp/hour cells delivers more power and runtime in a smaller package. Common applications include: Metal Drilling, Wood Drilling, and Fastening. Includes: (2) PCC681 Batteries, PCC691 charger, #2 Phillips Screwdriving Bit, and Storage Bag.

21. DEWALT DCK240C2 20v Lithium Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit (1.3Ah)


ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Lightweight tools designed to fit the users' needs
INCREASED VISIBILITY: The DCF885 features a built-in LED with 20-second delay after trigger release
INCLUDES: (1) DCD771 Drill/Driver, (1) DCF885 1/4 in. Impact Driver, (2) 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 1.3 Ah Battery Packs, 20V MAX* charger, and (1) Kit Bag
ONE-HANDED BIT LOADING: THE DCF885 has a 1/4 in. hex chuck and accepts 1 in. bit tips;:Power Tool Type:Cordless
HIGH PERFORMANCE MOTOR: The DCD771 delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power ability completing a wide range of applications


The DEWALT DCK240C2 20v Lithium Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit (1.5Ah) is comprised of the DCF885 20V MAX Lithium-Ion 1/4-Inch Impact Driver which is compact (5.55" front to back) and lightweight (2.8 lbs.), designed to fit into tight areas. This unit offers one-handed loading 1/4" hex chuck accepts 1" bit tips, and also features a 3 LED light ring with 20 second delay to provide visibility without shadows. A belt hook is also included for portability on the worksite. The DCD771C2 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Compact Drill/Driver is also compact and lightweight, designed to fit into tight areas. This drill/driver offers a high performance motor that delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power ability, which allows for a wide range of applications. This unit also features a high speed transmission that delivers 2 speeds (0-450 & 1,500 rpm) for a range of fastening and drilling applications. The 1/2" single sleeve ratcheting chuck provides tight bit gripping strength, and the ergonomic handle delivers comfort and control. Both tools are part of the DEWALT 20-Volt MAX system and are compatible with all 20-Volt MAX batteries, chargers and accessories. Includes: (1) DCF885 20v MAX Lithium Impact Driver, and (1) DCD771 20v Max Lithium Drill/Driver, (2) 20-Volt Maximum lithium-ion 1.5Ah battery packs, (1) 20-Volt Maximum charger and contractor bag.

22. Bosch 18-Volt Compact Tough Drill/Driver Kit DDB181-02 with 2 Lithium Ion Batteries, 18V Charger, and Soft Carry Contractor Bag


COMPACT: Most compact cordless 18-Volt power Drill Driver, 3 lbs of lightweight design allows for optimal handling in even the tightest spaces
LIGHTWEIGHT: Lightest weight 18V cordless battery powered compact Drill Driver for more efficiency and less fatigue during the toughest impact drilling or screw driving applications
HIGH TORQUE AND SPEED: At only 3 lbs, the Bosch DDB181-02 provides 350 lbs. of optimized torque for powerful fastening and 1300 RPM for fast, efficient power drilling
CONVENIENCE: includes LED light Illuminating the darkest work spaces and contractor bag for portability making the Bosch DDB181-02 the complete power tool
VARIABLE SPEED: 2 speed transmission, one for heavy duty projects and one for speed, provides both optimized torque and efficiency for powerful screw driving and precise drilling


The Bosch DDB181 is the industry's most compact and lightest weight 18-Volt basic-duty 1/2-Inch drill/driver. With its compact and lightweight design, professionals can drill or drive fasteners overhead or in tight spaces fatigue free. More compact than many competitive 12-Volt tools, the DDB181 is ideal for electricians, plumbers and HVAC tradesman looking for a solution that not only fits in their pouch, but can handle most everyday tasks with 18-Volt battery power. The DDB181 works at two speeds-- 400 RPM and 1,300 RPM (no load) --and provides 350 inch/pounds of torque, which is enough to drive most common fasteners and drill bits.

The Bosch DDB181-02 includes:

(1) DDB181 1/2-Inch Compact Drill/Driver, (1) Screwdriving Bit, (2) 1.5Ah Slimpack Batteries, (1) Charger, (1) Contractor Bag

23. Black & Decker LDX220C 20V MAX Lithium 2 Speed Drill/Driver


Drill / Driver features an 11 position, 3/8" clutch
2 speed settings which allow for better versatility among applications
LED light to illuminate the surface for drilling in dark spaces


The BLACK+DECKER LDX220C 20V MAX* Lithium 2-Speed Drill/Driver features a Lithium Ion battery which is always ready, and holds a charge up to 18 months. By providing an extra level of control, the 3/8" 11-position clutch prevents stripping and overdriving screws, with the 2 speed settings which allow for better versatility among applications. This drill/driver also features an LED light to illuminate the surface for easier drilling in dark spaces. Backed by BLACK+DECKER's 2 year limited warranty. Includes: (1) LDX220C 20V MAX lithium drill/driver, (1) 20V MAX Lithium Ion Battery, (1) Charger.

24. BLACK+DECKER BDCDMT120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Matrix Drill/Driver


Powerful 20-volt max motor provides enough power for a full range of applications and attachments
Compact and lightweight design allows users to carry out drilling/driving tasks in confined spaces and with ease
Part of the 20-volt max system a system that demands attention
Matrix Quick Connect System
Powerful 20v MAX Motor provides enough power for a full range of applications & attachments
Compact and lightweight design
Part of the 20V MAX System - A System that Demands Attention


Black & Decker BDCDMT120C 20-Volt max drill/driver is part of the Matrix Quick connect system and was designed with the performance needed for any household task. This compact drill/driver offers a lightweight Lithium battery which holds a charge for up to 18 months and is part of the Matrix Quick connect system which allows users to quickly Change attachments for any project need. The Matrix Quick connect system offers performance and value in a simple and practical way for power tool users to Grow their toolbox at their own pace. Within this system users can access the industry's most popular tools, some of which were traditionally limited to professionals, while Offering savings up to 42% versus purchasing bare tools separately. In addition to the drill/driver attachment there are 6 additional attachments available as part of the Matrix system including an impact driver, oscillating multi-tool, Jig saw, detail sander, router and trim saw.

25. Black & Decker BDCDD12C 12V MAX Lithium Drill


12V MAX Lithium Ion Battery - Always ready, holds a charge up to 18 months
Soft grip handle for comfort and variable speed trigger for control
Compact size for tight spaces
Integrated LED work light


The 12-Volt MAX* Cordless Lithium Drill/Driver from Black and Decker is the perfect combination of power and performance in a compact size. The powerful 550 rpm motor with 11-position clutch can tackle most projects, while the 2.18-lbs. design eliminates the struggle of fitting into tight corners and spaces. The LED work light, keyless chuck and ergonomic handle allow for convenience and enhanced user ability.

26. BLACK+DECKER 8V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver (BDCD8C)


8V integrated battery, with USB charger
Mid-handle design for balance and control
3/8" keyless chuck for quick and easy bit changes
Includes double-ended bit


Black & Decker BDCD8C 8V MAX Lithium Drill

27. Black & Decker BDCDD12PK Drill Project Kit, 12V


12V MAX cordless lithium drill
12V MAX Lithium drill is 35% more compact than previous version
56 hand tools and accessories
Convenient carrying case for storage and portability


The BLACK+DECKER BDCDD12PK 12V MAX Drill Project Kit features a powerful compact 12V MAX lithium drill/driver and 56 hand tools and accessoriest most commonly used for DIY projects and household tasks; this home tool kit can help you tackle projects big and small. The 12V MAX Lithium drill is 35% more compact than previous GCO1200C NiCad drill/driver. The drill/driver features a mid handle design for comfort and control, along with an LED light to illuminate work surfaces. The lithium ion battery is always ready, and holds a charge up to 18 months. This kit also includes a convenient bag or portability and storage. What's included: 12V MAX Drill/Driver, Tool Bag, Hammer, Tape Measure, Adjustable Wrench, Slip Joint Pliers, Ratcheting Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Slot Screwdriver, Utility Knife, Assorted Nut Drivers, Assorted Screwdriving Bits, Assorted Drill Bits, Level.

28. AUTSCA Air Compressor Electric Inflator Portable Air Compressor Low Noise Rechargeable Battery Handheld Emergency 12V 130PSI


LED screen and Three units - The compressor has three units of measurement: PSI, BAR, KPA. It can be used as a pressure gauge to show the current tire pressure, to see the air pressure consumption and the progress of the inlet. You can preset the required pressure and it will turn off automatically once this value is reached.
Excellent material, efficient - Heat-resistant and flame-retardant materials, copper hose at the end, which ensures firmness and prevents the hose from overheating and slipping during use. The inflation air pressure is - 50L / min, and the inflation work is completed more effectively (Not suitable for truck tires)
Multiple forms of use - Comes with a rechargeable 2200 mAh rechargeable battery and a car charging cable. The air compressor can be used in both wireless and cable operation.
Automatic protection - The screen turns off automatically in 30 seconds when there is no operation. The air pressure reaches the set value and switches off automatically. Safety lock, the air pump can not be used when the safety lock is not open.
Upgrade, Packing - Replacing double insurance with LED lights accurately positions the target in the dark. You do not have to hold the switch like the old one anymore to work. It is easier to operate.Inflator pump * 1, storage box * 1, inflation tube * 1, charging line * 1, nozzle adapters * 3. We offer 6 months warranty and 24 hours friendly customer service