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Top 20 smart robot vacuums 2022

 Jill Rose
Jill Rose

Today, people’s lives are increasingly chaotic and busy. Therefore, the time to clean the small house also becomes more rare. Therefore, the use of robot vacuums is essential. A quality product not only meets the needs of the user but also saves a lot of time. So which type of robot is best and how to choose the right product? Please refer to these experiences of yourself to own a truly quality robot.

Why should you use a robot vacuum?

Why should you use a robot vacuum?

Why should you use a robot vacuum?

As we all know, robot vacuum cleaner will be a tool to assist people in cleaning the house. This is an essential item for any family today. I think using this product will bring you many benefits. Here are some reasons you should use this type of device.

1. Save time

Today, people are increasingly busy with their work. The care of the family also thus becomes more difficult. In particular, having a house cleaning job is seemingly simple but it takes a lot of your time and effort. Especially for houses with large area.

So, using a robot vacuum will save you a lot of time. This product can automatically clean and vacuum dust from the floor. As a result, your home is always clean even when you are away.

2. Approach to many corners

The corners and nooks and crannies in your apartment are very difficult to clean manually, let alone a vacuum cleaner . However, the robots will help you overcome this most thoroughly. With its compact size and flexibility, all corners and the underside of the furniture will be cleaned in the most efficient way.

At the same time, this product does not make noises like conventional vacuum cleaners. So, even when you rest, she continues her work in silence without bothering you.

3. Clean your home automatically even when you're not home

Clean your home automatically even when you're not home

Clean your home automatically even when you're not home

If you are away but still want your home to be clean and tidy, a robot is a powerful assistant that you cannot ignore. With mobile connectivity features, you can schedule and set up tasks for this child.

However, to ensure product safety, you only need to recharge to be assured. This promises to be a great product for households in today's busy life.

4. Ideal for those unable to move

Robots are a powerful tool in cleaning and cleaning for unfortunate people who have mobility problems. Just sit in a position and install programming, the robot will immediately complete the assigned task in the best way.

Besides, if the cost of hiring maids is too high, this is the perfect choice for you. Products not only help you save costs significantly but also very safe.

5. Saving effort

The chaotic work makes you always feel tired, so the housework is still mountain. This puts you under stress and stress. Therefore, the use of robots capable of cleaning up is very necessary.

While the device is running, take some time to rest to recharge your new workday. By investing in this product, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Can see the benefits when using the robot vacuum is undeniable. So, my little advice for you is to use this product when possible!

The experience of buying robot vacuums

Experience of buying robot vacuum cleaner

Experience of buying robot vacuum cleaner

Currently on the market appears a lot of designs, robot models capable of vacuuming. In general, those products have quite similar design. However, how to choose the best robot is not easy. With many experiences in choosing this product, I would like to share some small suggestions for everyone:

1. Features of the product

One of the first criteria that you cannot ignore when choosing a vacuum cleaner is the feature of the product. Currently to meet the needs of users, manufacturers have constantly innovated and equipped with the most outstanding features. Here is some information that I have drawn to share with everyone:

The device is equipped with intelligent laser navigation system

This device is fully equipped with modern features such as: Laser scanning and redrawing operation diagrams. The robot will then detect and mark the locations that need cleaning. Thanks to that, every nook and cranny in your family is cleaned up most effectively.

In addition, during operation, if the robot battery runs out, it will automatically move to the charging position. When fully energetic, she will continue to carry out her work until completion. In particular, for locations where customers do not want robots to move in, they can be marked on mobile devices with intelligent virtual wall feature.

The device has no intelligent navigation system

Contrary to the above devices, this device is not equipped with the above features. In general, this girl is no different from conventional vacuum cleaners. Therefore, the price of the product is much lower than the above product. Therefore, you need to consider when using the product!

2. Select the style

The selection of product features is not necessarily done! Next you should choose the robot vacuum cleaner designs that best fit. If before, you only knew the line of robots with circles and triangles. So, let's learn more about square vacuum cleaners from now on.

Based on their comparisons, the robots possessing a circle will have superior advantages, ease of use and safety. Let's analyze a few advantages and disadvantages of different types of robots to see the difference.

Round shape

The robots are designed in a circle that will easily move to every corner and chassis in the family easily. Thanks to no sharp corners, the product avoids collisions in the most convenient way.

Besides, with this design, the robot not only becomes flexible but also very luxurious and unique. The outstanding advantage of the product is that it is affordable and suitable for every household. So, if I asked myself which robot is the best, I would answer that the robot vacuum has a circular design.

Triangular shape

This is one of the products with quite unique and impressive designs. Thanks to the shape of a triangle. The product is flexible and does not miss any part of your family, even the smallest corners.

However, her disadvantage is quite large. With the edges of collision-prone robots and household furnishings. Since then, causing friction for both products and fish utensils. Besides, the design of the product is quite rough so I feel that she's a bit rigid.

Square format

The last design I want to introduce to you is the square robot. Although this is a new design today, but this girl does not excel as the original product line. Partly because the product's design is quite big, partly because the movement is not flexible. Besides, the price of the product is also quite high. Therefore, when you intend to buy this product yourself, you need to consider carefully.

3. Operation time

One of the criteria for choosing a robot vacuum that you cannot ignore is the uptime. Based on demand, you can choose the robot capable of vacuuming in the most appropriate time.

For apartments with large area, you should prioritize the choice of products with an operating time of 120-140 minutes. In contrast, for apartments with small area, you should choose robots with shorter operating time. Thus, you will save for many costs as well as electricity.

4. Cleaning system

The choice of cleaning system is very important. This detail decides the cleaning effectiveness of the robot vacuum cleaner. Therefore, in the selection process, you should carefully study the vacuum cleaning capacity as well as cleaning tools of the product.

Therefore, it is possible to choose a quality machine that meets your needs. At the same time, the speed and working efficiency are also improved most effectively.

5. Selection suitable for living environment

Choosing a suitable living environment

Choosing a suitable living environment

Depending on the specific conditions, you can choose a robot product to ensure its use. Currently, the products are increasingly diversified, each of them has its own characteristics, suitable for each different apartment:


Apartment households often have a relatively clean living environment. Therefore, you can choose for yourself the type of vacuum cleaner with built-in cleaning to ensure the best home cleaning.

For apartments with small area, you prefer to use products that are affordable for products without smart laser navigation system. For apartments with larger area, it is advisable to choose robots with laser navigation system so that the product can do its task and provide the cleanest space.


The surroundings of a townhouse are usually more dusty than apartments. Besides, the space for parking and shoes makes your apartment a lot more dust.

Therefore, the most perfect option for you is the type of robot specializing in sweep sweep. These products are equipped with the most optimal features, with a large suction force, also larger drawers. Even great for homes with lots of hair loss or pet hair.

Types of floors

For floors such as wood floors, ceramic tiles and carpets, you should choose products that have optimal sensing and identification on the carpet. 

In addition, to achieve the optimal cleaning effect, you should prioritize the product lines with strong suction power and smart and unique designs to help you better clean the nooks and crannies. even on the carpet.

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