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of March 2023

  1. Product Highlights
    • Military MIL-STD-810G CertifiedHighest IP68/IP69K rating, it can handle 2 hours of immersion in 2 meters of water, or 24 hours of submission in 1 meter of concrete. Fitting the temperature ranges from -20C (-4F) to 60C (140F), this rugged phone could work in all geographical environments. With water-resistance, dust-resistance, shock-resistance, Armor 3W will protect himself all round and then standby your side to support you.Note:The Armor 3W does not include the Walkie Talki antenna.
    • 5.7-inch Screen + 18:9 FHD Display + Corning Gorilla 5With a 5.7" 18:9 all-screen design and 2160 x 1080 FHD+ resolution, plus a scratch resistance Corning Gorilla 5 Glass, Armor 3W would show more content and /li>
    • 10300 mAh Battery and PE+ 9V/2.0 Fast ChargeUltra long-life battery for tons of screen-time on a single charge and ultra power saving mode to extend your charge even longer. With advanced PE+2.0 and 9V/2A fast charging technology (18W, Reverse charger supported), a full charge will only need a sanp time.Keeping you power on all the time.
    • Android 9.0 + 6GB / 64GB Capacity + Helio P70Lastest Android 9.0 Pie, packing Helio P70 AI processor, 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM(supports 256GB extensible storage). Armor 3W is incredibly strong and intelligent, accelerate to run all of the apps due to its high-end features and performance with lower power consumption.
    • Extra more that you will haveCompared with other mobile phone, The advantage of this rugged smartphone is GLOBAL LTE BANDS. It can work with main carriers such as AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon, Metro PCS&etc(does NOT support Sprint). Sony 21MP Rear Camera + 8MP Front Camera Fingerprint ID and Face Unlock supported. OTG Function, GPS + GLONASS supported. Built-in Toolbox and muilti Professional Sensors.
  2. Product Highlights
    • Triple Camera As a cheap smartphone that everyone can use, Ulefone Note 7 equipes triple camera to get more. 8MP main camera and 2 sub cameras enhance the quality and clarity of photos to a great level. Rear flash and bokeh effect contribute to present the best picture in your journey. Forget traditional Dual camera, try Note 7.
    • Waterdrop Design Ulefone Note 7 inserts a 6.1-inch 19.2:9 waterdrop Incell full screen. The waterdrop notch /li>
    • Lighter Burden, On the GO Android 9 Pie, along with 1GB RAM+16GB ROM storage that offers remarkable system operating experience and highly efficient performance. Thanks to Android GO less memory and storage consumption. The Note 7 is 15% faster than other regular Android phones. You can enjoy your music/ films/ games/social media without using an expensive unlocked cell phone.
    • 3G Unlocked Smartphone, 3 Card Slots Support 2G GSM B2/3/5/8 3G-WCDMA B1/2/5/8. Compatible with most of GSM Carriers such as AT&T, T-mobile, etc. But not support CDMA carriers such as Sprint & Verizon. If your note 7 can't connect to 3G network or read your sim card, please send an email to us, we will help you activate the phone. Also Note 7 has 3 independent card slots for 1* Namo SIM, 1* Micro SIM, 1* TF card, no need to change cards frequently.
    • 🏆 More Benefit 🏆 As a cheap Android phone for everyone, Note 7 still has face unlock function, and 3500mAh long last battery. It also has a smart feature called "Duraspeed". It is designed to save the battery after 15 minutes when the screen is locked. In this mode, the phone does not notify you of new messages from 3rd party APPs (WhatsApp, Skype, FB, YouTube, etc.) (It is under "Settings" menu. You can set white-list or just turn it On/Off).
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How to choice smartphone for kids

How to choice smartphone for kids

Alyssa Salazar

Today, mobile phones have become an inseparable thing for everyone. However, not everyone has the economic conditions to buy themselves an impressive Smartphone. Therefore, low-priced smartphones under 150 USD will be an appropriate choice for many people. So, which is the best smartphone and how to choose the right product? Please refer to these experiences of yourself to own a quality smartphone offline!

Why should use a cheap smartphone under 150 usd?

Why should use a cheap smartphone under 3 million

Why should use a cheap smartphone under 150 usd

As we all know, mobile phones play an important role in human life. They not only have a call function but also have the ability to entertain and keep up to date with hot information happening.

People's lives are becoming more and more modern, the cult phones are also increasing more and more. However, accompanied by quality and class design is the high price. And, not everyone is eligible to own a "luxury" phone. At this time, the low-priced smartphones under 150 usd are not bad choices for you.

1. Cost savings

Cost savings

Cost savings

Instead of spending a few million to buy a new phone and not being able to use all of their features, it is a waste. So, buying a phone with a reasonable price but quality will be a great choice.

This not only saves you a significant cost but also suits the needs. Depending on economic conditions and the level of necessity in the future, you can upgrade your phone when your income is more stable.

2. There are modern features

There are modern features

There are modern features

Not only expensive product lines can have new and modern features. For low-cost smartphones, they are also fully equipped with features. You can take photos, listen to music surf the web, watch movies or play games ... all.

In some cases, if you choose for yourself a reliable and quality phone address, your phone will be extremely impressive. They are not only durable but also extremely outstanding features. Definitely not inferior to other expensive products.

3. Easy to upgrade

Everyone wants to own a high-class phone. However, depending on the time and income level, you need to choose accordingly. When using products that are reasonably priced. You can easily replace and upgrade to other high-class phones more easily.

Most of the new products are born, the old product line will be extremely devalued. As such, you will have to spend a large amount of money to upgrade them. However, for these "loyal" children, you only need to spend a sum of money in one go to change it.

4. Easy to use

Easy to use

Easy to use

Often the newer high-cost phones are harder to use than other products. So, if you choose for yourself a smartphone less than 150 usd, you will have no trouble using it.

Besides, if your computer has a problem, you will not take too much time to fix and repair. The phone has too many features that will cause a lot of trouble during use. In many cases, you may need to visit a branch to receive assistance.

It can be seen that the benefits when using a cheap smartphone under 150 usd are undeniable. So, one advice I would like for you to use these products instead of other expensive phones!


The experience of buying cheap smartphones under 150 usd

The experience of buying cheap smartphones under 3 million

The experience of buying cheap smartphones under 150 usd

Currently, the market has appeared many smartphones with designs and models quite diverse. In general, these products have the same structure and design. Most of them include the following parts: Screen, camera, case ... However, how to get a cheap smartphone under 150 usd quality, not everyone knows. With experience many times choosing to buy a phone, I would like to share with you some of the following small suggestions for everyone.

1. Select phone background

Panel is one of the terms used primarily in the field of electronics. This is the technology used to make the screen. If in the past, you only heard words like: IPS , AMOLED , TFT.

So, from now on, learn more about products made from OLED! Based on our comparisons, products made from OLED possess more advanced advantages and are much easier to use. Let's analyze some advantages and disadvantages of these panels to feel the difference!

The panel is made from TFT LCD

TFT LCD technology has existed for a long time, this technology has helped manufacturers and consumers save a lot of their costs. The advantage of this product is its low cost and easy to fabricate. Thanks to that, everyone can easily use and own this product.

The panel is made from TFT LCD

The panel is made from TFT LCD

However, this wallpaper has many defects. Contrast is quite high, image display is not clear. Not only that, but this product also has a small viewing angle and causes battery drain during use. Therefore, everyone should consider when choosing TFT LCD!

The panel is made from Super AMOLED

This is one of the technologies researched and developed by Samsung. In addition to high-end products, this product is also used in mid-range products of this brand.

The panel is made from Super AMOLED

The panel is made from Super AMOLED

With good, thin bearing capacity, you will have the opportunity to experience the sharpest display images. However, this has also become a drawback of this technology. Sometimes the image is too dark, so the accuracy is not high.

Also, when using Super AMOLED, you will save battery power for your smartphone. If you watch movies and play games regularly, this is a promising product for you.

The panel is made from OLED

OLED is considered one of the rivals equal to Super AMOLED. OLED possesses outstanding and classy features.

The panel is made from OLED

The panel is made from OLED

In particular, the battery-saving feature, with wide viewing angles. Moreover, the displayed image quality is also relatively good. Stable contrast you can easily use them outdoors easily,

Comes with quality, this product has a relatively high price. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose the most appropriate one. But in my opinion, spending a lot of money to have interesting experiences is not too wasteful.

The panel is made from IPS

This is a technology that researchers developed from LCD panel technology. The outstanding feature of this device is its good screen brightness. Even in the sun, IPS clearly displays the information on the screen in the most realistic way.

However, IPS consumes a lot more power and is less resistant than AMOLED.

2. Select screen resolution and quality

Choose screen resolution and quality

Choose screen resolution and quality

One of the criteria when choosing to buy a smartphone is the resolution and screen quality. These are the important factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing.

The resolution

Often, high-resolution screens will deliver the truest and sharper images. However, they will also drain the battery immensely.


The screen is the most important detail for your phone. Here I will share you some little experience when choosing to buy a screen home:

  • Push the screen brightness level to the highest to check : If you often have to use your phone outdoors. Move to the brightest places in the phone store to try screen brightness.

  • Tilt the screen in multiple directions : You can check the screen of your phone by tilting in many directions. This will ensure a consistent display of colors even if you do not look directly at the screen.

  • Smoothness test : When you swipe the screen, if they have a jerky phenomenon. They can be equipped with weak hardware, now you should choose another phone instead!

3. Select camera and image capture function

Choose camera and capture function

Choose camera and capture function

Finding a smartphone that has the right camera for yourself is also not easy. Most of the current products have a resolution of over 10.0. But, they really do not determine the quality of the image.

So, you should test the images to see if they are overexposed, the wrong color or have the focus. In low-light space will produce images like. What is the ability to record videos? All you have to note the check.

4. Select a configuration

Choose a configuration

Choose a configuration

Configuration also plays an important role in forming a smartphone. Therefore, to choose products with good configuration, you should choose products with less than 4GB of RAM .

At the same time should not choose smartphones with high screen resolution but low configuration. You should choose products with similar RAM and CPU to give the best performance. Besides, depending on the level of use, you also do not need to choose a device with a large battery capacity.

5. Select the style

Choose a style

Choose a style

Design is one of the most popular criteria today. If previously, products could remove the back to replace the battery, then manufacturers have gradually switched to the metal block design. Since then, this model has become the standard of current phone models.

If you love luxurious designs, you should choose metal designed products. If you are a person who likes perseverance, you should choose the ones with high durability. This will definitely be the right choice for you.

6. Select support feature

Select support features

Select support features

In fact, many of you are attracted to the outstanding features of the product line. However, after buying it is not used, this is really a waste. So, please consider and identify the features that are useful to you or not!

However, it is true that we cannot deny the outstanding features of today's smartphones. Features unlocked by fingerprint and facial recognition will easily be secured in the best way.

7. Select the device battery capacity 

Choose battery capacity

Choose battery capacity

A high-quality, premium phone that has a low battery capacity is no different than you are using their model.

Therefore, when choosing to buy a smartphone, you should choose phones with a minimum battery life of 2000 mAh. Equivalent to 15 hours of use. With this length, you can use comfortably with applications for a day already.

Besides, you should not choose the device is too high capacity. They will affect the configuration of your phone.

8. Select the memory capacity

Currently, the standard memory capacity is 16GB. With so much stored information, it's hard to use a smartphone with only 8GB of memory. The reason for applications and information storage is about 3GB already.

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